Marketing for real estate agents have become easier

Follow the steps if are planning marketing for real estate agents.

  • Website planning

Plan about your website carefully so that you gain brand visibility, drive sales, lease-up efforts, and acquire the prospects and many more.

  • Maintaining active blog

Try to add as many blogs as possible. Regular updates, attract the clients so try to juice up your policy. Add lucrative dialogues, and educate your clients by providing tips and advices.

  • Updating Company news

Creating a news sections always helps when you find that your blog is full of resource intensive stuffs. Provide important updates, survey results as well as press releases. It will give a positive signal to the various search engines which makes sure that marketing for real estate agents are hindered.

  • Publishing market reports

A local market report will be created for markets you operate in if you plan to implement this idea properly. Include various data pints like RSF (Rentable Square Footage), average rent prices, data vacancies, absorption rates and many more significant transaction procedures. Highlight this features in your website as monthly feature as you will be sure to generate eyeballs and lot of interested readers.

  • Creating videos

Videos are one of the most powerful mediums that are not used properly in marketing policies. Marketing videos saves the time for clients to go through the key parts of your programme by reading a tiring document. They can utilize their time for understanding your motive of marketing for real estate agents through fresh video contents. It showcases your company’s ideology better than any other mediums and makes yourself a standout in the crowd. This gives your clients a better idea on real estate investment Vancouver.

  • Including sign-up with newsletter

To build-up an efficient database for clients as well as partners, through E-mails and other procedures. If you lack a concrete platform for E-mailing, start building your list and stop overthinking about client feedbacks.

  • Improve SEO

In terms of Search Engine Optimization, make sure to tick all your right boxes. If you are effective in generating massive free traffic for your website, you are the winner. Try to be the kingpin of this game by pursuing tenants and investors who take help from these online researches.

  • Keep tracking your results

Make sure that you are running google Analytics efficiently. Track your marketing performances and make sure to look for the results at least once a month. It will educate you and provide you with better knowledge about the processes which would play a significant impact in your future planning.

5 Ways to Use Bluetooth Beacons to Reduce Your Business Expenses

Beacons are visible devices which can send out messages or signals in an attractive way. Beacon advertising happens to be a unique way of marketing. These are low powered and affordable units which can act as a receiver as well as a transmitter. These are futuristic devices made ready for business purposes along with increasing use of mobile phones on a daily basis. Find out 3 ways in which Bluetooth beacons can be used to reduce your business expenses.

Reducing man-power costs

Beacons reduce the need for manpower, and keeping just a handful of them in stores, shopping malls, restaurants and airports can ensure accurate automated guiding as well as marketing. There is reduced need for human notifications and instructions, resulting in fewer requirements for investment in man-power.

Reducing cost of maintenance

As compared to marketing software programs and enterprise applications of other types, these do not need any maintenance. Other than changing the server and the battery after some time, you need to spend very little for managing the device and its operations. These can act as automatic notification and marketing systems and you can gain insights and customer-oriented results.

Lower initial investment

Hardware related with Beacons is lower in power but affordable in cost, and can act as both receiver and transmitter. Just like a wrist watch, these devices are integrated with BT chips that draw power from a lithium battery. These are able to pair with other devices in a 50 – 70 meter range. The majority of top brands sell Bluetooth low energy beacons for less than $100. The expense is quite low in this case.

Cost-effective automation

Beacons take away the need for setting up costlier systems to facilitate automation. Human intervention becomes unnecessary once these tools begin to work. Push messages are sent and ad content such as videos and images are displayed as per the pre-set time interval or as soon as consumers walk within the range. Irrespective of the number of people present at the same time in the range, everything can be handled by beacons.

Affordable context-based ads

The success of any sector depends on marketing, and context based advertisement is needed for the same. You can set Individual Beacon to send out targeted messages on the basis of set criteria, such as device location, type of device used and more. Just one beacon can be used for displaying numerous messages on the basis of the receiver’s context.

Top 3 Small Business Tips to Building Successful Client Relationships

You can never underestimate the value of a loyal client. We’re firm believers that it is essential to build solid relationships in order to grow your business. Here are Carrier Pigeon, we love working with Indexsy, a Vancouver SEO company.

These great relationships don’t just happen overnight, it takes hard work to establish trusting bonds with repeat customers. Here are some tips to keep your audience coming back for more and bringing others with them.

Network, Network, Network

Create brand advocates who don’t have to know all of the ins & outs of your business, but are always overflowing with excitement when it comes to what you do. These are not only your clients, but also family, friends, coworkers, etc.

Follow Up is Key

After meeting someone, make sure to reinforce the connection you made with follow up communication. This can be an email, LinkedIn connection, Twitter follow/tweet, etc. Take that extra step to stay in touch.

Email Marketing

This one is our favorite. Stay in front of these new (and old) connections with an ongoing email marketing campaign. Create a calendar of news, updates, facts and figures sure to interest your growing audience.

What other tips and tricks do you have to build strong client relationships? Share them in the comments section below.

How To Find A Commercial Realtor For Your Investment

Your decision to become a commercial real estate buyer or constructor is really big and so it would need a bigger financial support. Buying one or two establishments for sale is comparatively much easier than entering the commercial world. You do not want to go in unprepared. Therefore, looking for a stable source of funds is something you give a lot of thought to.

unnamed (2)

  1. Wait Till You Click: Do not settle for just any one because the interest rate he or she offered was the least of all. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of partnering with a lender who is good at his art and is trustworthy for you. A wrong decision here would mean you will be ruined for a long time if not forever.


  1. Choice From Options: A professional will always let you choose from various schemes and options. When you go t a lender for loan, he or she should be able to present various plans relevant to you. Not only this, he should guide you towards the one that will benefit you also and not just him.


  1. Look For A Specialist: Choose someone who specializes at your type of business management. If you own a small or medium sized real estate investment business, going to a lender like a bank that lends to everyone will be a bad decision. Banks have very limited solutions and expect them to work for everyone. Going to someone who specializes in lending to small businesses will help you formulate loan plans according to your needs.


  1. Entrepreneur Mindset: You are an entrepreneur and so should look for a financing partner who thinks just like you. This will help him help you to get the best plans and interest rates available.


  1. Do Not Choose Amateurs: Though it might seem logical for a small business to choose someone who is just starting out like you. This is not a good idea because such lenders will have limited access to what is trending. Also their lack of knowledge will hamper your growth.


  1. Should Be Popular: Popular means popular and not just known. When a lot of people talk highly about someone, there usually a good reason to it and you should trust these kinds of lenders alone.

Your financial lender should be loyal towards you. They should have national reach so that they can get you the best from what is available country wide.

Written by Dave Jenkins.


Real Estate Prices In Vancouver Compared To Other Parts Of The World

If you’re looking to buy a house, odds are that you know everything there is to know about the market.  After all, when you’re searching for a lifelong investment, you need to make sure that you are getting into the right place.  It could determine how the rest of your life goes.  Not to put too much of a negative spin on it, or anything, that is.  If you are looking at Vancouver as a place to live, you can see that the prices are climbing to ridiculously high limits that mean most of them are entirely out of the question, even if you have a high limit.  To put it into perspective, let’s look at different real estate markets from around the world that are offering homes for the same price.

According to Eddie Yan, a Vancouver realtor, in Vancouver, you can get a  1700 sq foot home with four bedrooms for one million dollars.  This particular house is a short 6 km from the core centre of the city, but still, this is a high price for a home that isn’t especially beautiful or anything other than practical.

Now, a little further field, there is a home in Calgary Alberta for the same asking price that is a sight to see with an entirely modern look and three bedrooms.  It is close to 2500 sq feet and offers a sleek home to anyone who doesn’t mind being as close as 3.5km from the city’s core.  Close by in Alberta, this is already a huge difference in quality when comparing it the Vancouver option.  Let’s try looking even further.

In Seattle, Washington, there is a gorgeous three-bedroom home with 3200 sq feet that is located less than 6 km away from the centre of the city.  Pricing in at just under one million dollars, it has beautiful landscaping and a rich interior design that will please any house hunter to the gills.  You can see the pattern as we continue to look at homes, right?  Let’s keep going.

Vancouver, it seems, has a house market similar to Los Angeles, as there is a home that is less than 8 km away form the core of the city and it is for just under one million dollars with 1700 square feet and three bedrooms.  For those that are looking to compare two high market homes, this would be the most drastic way to do it.  Sure, Vancouver is a happening spot, but should it really be comparative to Los Angeles?

To continue the pain even more, there is a gorgeous 5000 sq feet home that is less than 15 km from the centre of the city that has four bedrooms and is a sight to see.  There is no comparing it to the small Vancouver option that we saw earlier, which is looking worse and worse as we continue to look.

Last but not least, there is the five bedroom home located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is 3 km from the city’s centre and has just under 5000 sq feet in room.  This may not be a glamorous location like Los Angeles, but it’s a nice place to live, and it’s inspiring to see the old architecture that would make it a great B&B if it were snapped up by the right people.

As you can see, there is no end to the pain that Vancouver home-searchers are feeling as they scan the list of available lots with rising eyebrows.  The idea that anyone would have to pay one million dollars for something as modest and small as a big, rolling home somewhere else in the world is ridiculous and is the fact that is driving many people out of the market, to wait until things quiet down for good.  No matter how you look at it, the prices are high, and everyone is waiting with bated breath to see when they quiet down.  Until then, take a look around at all the homes in North America that you could be spending your money on…


Marketing for Construction Companies – Making Optimal Use of Business Flyers

When used in a proper way, flyers can be one of the best ways to attract new clients. These make a terrific impact on the minds of customers and are affordable to produce as well as distribute. However, using flyers for marketing your construction company can be tricky. Generally, people like to spend only 3 – 5 seconds taking a look at flyers. Naturally, you have to optimize the content, print and design of your flyers in order to make an impact and create a terrific impression on prospective customers.

Focus on an interesting headline

First of all, choose a headline which is concise and simple – designed to interest and inspire the audience. It should promise to be problem-solving for clients and show how you can benefit them. Giving a glimpse into your main services in 4 – 5 bullet points can be enough.

Make a great offer

With the promise of an amazing incentive, you can make customers sit up and take action. The incentives do not need to be monetary, and they can also include things like free gifts, discounts, free trials or coupon codes.

Give a Call to Action

You should clearly state users to take an action in the form of registering to avail a limited discount offer, calling fast in order to be among the first 100 callers to receive attractive rebates etc.

Use attractive designs

You should also use strong visuals so that customers can get a bold image about your enterprise. It should be relevant to your flyer’s headline and reflect the way users should perceive your services and company. Use a high-quality, striking image to create an aura of professionalism.

Use fonts that are easily readable

Use of simple fonts will make it easier for users to read your message. You need to use fonts of proper type and size, in order to ensure a proper hierarchy. Keep in mind that you have just 4 or 5 seconds to make an impression and convey your message to your prospective customers. Naturally, easily readable fonts are important.

Choose high quality printing

The quality of printing of your flyers should also be superior, in order to make them look as high quality as possible. There should be your business logo in a prominent location in the flyers, so that people do not miss seeing it. You can use glossy varnish to specific sections of the flyers and make them more attractive for people to look at.

Online Marketing for Real Estate Agents – Basic SEO Tips for Professionals

These days, internet marketing has become quite popular for real estate agents. More and more people are using the internet for information and make informed purchase decisions. Naturally, agents have to establish their presence online and ensure that customers find them to be reliable names with legal businesses. Ranking on search engine is important for every agent, and the following SEO tips can ensure high website rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Use of HTML

The HTML format is widely used for designing website pages, and makes the site extremely friendly to lookup engines. This code makes easy designs which can be accessed more easily by search engine spiders.

Original Content

Fresh, original content is one of the first things that can make real estate agent websites rank well. Content which is scraped or copied from some other online resource, such as blog or website, is likely to be treated as duplicate content and the site will be penalized. The website will be pushed back to the last pages of the search engine results. The search engine will eventually remove the site from their results pages. A local Vancouver SEO consultant swears by quality content, he claims that the key to the top of rankings, is superb content.

Site Map

Sitemap is a web page in the site which is supposed to contain all the links to all pages of the website. It has to be submitted to Webmaster Tools of Google, Bing and other search engines right after the creation of a website. This allows faster indexing of all the website pages and the chances of quicker ranking is also higher with Site Map submission. Apart from helping search-engine crawlers to read all website pages, it also helps visitors to find various pages easily on the website.

Bold and Italic Tags

These tags are used to make keywords bold and italicized on web pages, so that they are highlighted better and search engines view them with special importance. But the use of too many tags can be counterproductive and be treated as spam. Simply putting unique keywords one or two times on every web page can be enough.

Incoming Links

The site also needs to get as many incoming links from numerous websites. These links have to point to varied pages on the site. In case all of the links only point to the homepage of the website, it will be rated by search engines as an inferior one. Having other websites link to many different pages on the site will show that it is an authentic one and engines will rank it higher than others on the results pages.

Gearing Up Our Proactive Stance on Client Services

We’re down here at the Email Evolution Conference in Hollywood, FL and got thinking about what really is going to help us stand out in this cluttered email marketing software crowd.

Many of you may have already spoken with one of our most recent Carrier Pigeon team member, Scott Grant, Sales & Support Engineer, who started officially a couple weeks back.

Scott recently joined us from a SaaS startup focused on skills assessment software, so his understanding of what it takes to better educate clients on email best practices, volume control, email delivery cadence, anti-spam compliance, content and list management, and overall day-to-day email strategy is second to none.

Scott’s patient, ambitious and excited to play a part in Carrier Pigeon’s growth as an Incutio ‘Growth Engine Discovery,’ as we aim to disrupt a huge market lead by the likes of Constant Contact and MailChimp – two wonderful companies who’ve set the standard for Carrier Pigeon. We’re boutique, focused, hands-on, and powered by the best infrastructure partners in the world. People like Scott truly do make us different.

When it comes to the SaaS subscription based business model, it is all about relationships. We recently heard the term “brofessional” (thanks @ryohara Biz Dev Team Lead at Email Delivery partner, Dyn), about the access oriented, consultative approach to SaaS selling and retention and couldn’t agree more with this quirky term and use.

When products or industries are relatively commoditized (like the email marketing space), it’s often the softer side of the offering (non-technical) that truly helps a client make a decision. We’re committed to this approach from sales through to client services as we aim to be the “best fit” from companies who look, feel and sound just like us. Once you signup with Carrier Pigeon, you’ll start getting ahead.

If you’re a Carrier Pigeon client, expect to hear from Scott soon. If you’re a prospect working with our sales team, expect to also hear from Scott soon. We’re gearing up this week at the #EEC12 in Hollywood, FL and are excited to attract more and more customers who believe Chester (our pigeon mascot) is way cooler than MailChimp’s chimp.

The Scunthorpe Problem: What You Need to Know

Every heard of ‘the Scunthorpe problem?’

It’s a unique name for an email marketing obstacle we should all be aware of.

The Scunthorpe problem occurs when a spam filter or search engine blocks emails or search results because their text contains letters that are shared with an obscene word. Now, take another look at the word ‘Scunthorpe.’

While computers can easily identify strings of text within a document, broad blocking rules may result in false positives, causing innocent phrases to be blocked.

According to Wikipedia, the problem was named after an incident in 1996 in which AOL’s dirty-word filter prevented residents of the town of Scunthorpe, England from creating accounts with AOL, because the town’s name contains an obscene word. Years later, Google’s filters apparently made the same mistake, preventing residents from searching for local businesses that included Scunthorpe in their names.

Here’s how it applies to email marketing.

Carrier Pigeon in partnership with DynECT Email Delivery have worked extremely hard to avoid this problem. Nowadays we have many tools to help identify spam rather than simple content filtering. In most cases, spam filters do not mark an email as spam because of the existence of one word in the content. Although, there are always exceptions.

So, as email marketers, what can we do?

First and foremost, always use professional and reputable email software. Make sure to test each campaign before hitting send. Post launch, review analytics reports, making sure certain recipients are not blocking your email. Lastly, learn more about common phrases/words that are spam-related.