About Us

Carrier Pigeon is an email marketing solution devised from ten years of email marketing, Internet marketing and software as a service (SaaS) experience at Incutio, “A Growth Engine Company.”

Carrier Pigeon lets you create, deliver and manage email campaigns via a simple user interface or API. There is no hardware to wrestle with, dedicated help & support, superior deliverability, and features that will help you succeed as an email marketer. A subscription and volume based application built upon best of breed email delivery technology; Carrier Pigeon is truly “Email Marketing that Delivers.”

Our Story:

Incutio, an application development and SEO firm was looking to rebuild itself in the summer of 2011. For seven years the Wrexham, UK-based company had focused on it’s eCommerce platform salesonrails and its growing SEO consultancy business. Managing Director, Andy Piggott, realized the need to evolve his organization and set out to add a secondary product to compliment salesonrails.

The opportunity to acquire an established customer base presented itself and Carrier Pigeon set out to launch its easy to use delivery-focused email marketing application. With an assertive commitment to account management, proactive support, scalable pricing, advanced reporting and email deliverability (via its partnership with Internet Infrastructure company, Dyn), Carrier Pigeon is poised to disrupt the status quo of a saturated industry, dedicated to serving fast growth startups, metric-hungry SMBs and Web enterprises looking to scale together, the sky is the limit. Carrier Pigeon is here to soar and opened its US headquarters in Manchester, NH, in September 2011, operating in the abi Innovation Hub.

A brand new, rewritten, and vastly improved application focused on customer usability, advanced metrics and rock-solid deliverability takes off on May 15th, 2012. Let’s go.

About Incutio:

Incutio is “A Growth Engine Company” focused on helping clients scale their Web businesses through innovative SaaS solutions, consulting services, strategic advising and investment. Incutio is best known for its expertise in content management, eCommerce, email marketing, search engine marketing, Internet infrastructure and enterprise sales. Be Inspired.