Email deliverability is an incredibly important part of email marketing. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending days designing the perfect campaign only for it to end up being flagged as SPAM and never read. To minimize the chances of this happening, Carrier Pigeon has tightly partnered with an organization whose responsibility is maintaining ongoing relationships with Internet Service Providers and carefully watching delivery rates each day.

We’ve partnered with Dyn and their years of operational experience as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) leader. Their DynECT Email Delivery platform is second to none and ensure maximum deliverability of your emails sent through Carrier Pigeon. Carrier Pigeon is the first stand alone email marketing application built upon DynECT Email Delivery.

We focus on the app, Dyn focuses on the successful delivery of your emails. It’s a win-win.

To summarize, we try our very best to ensure every last email sent through Carrier Pigeon is permission based and doesn’t impact the quality and reputation of our service – and more importantly, your recipients.

How we increase deliverability
  • Dyn’s delivery MTAs have been whitelisted by major ISP’s – including AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Google and Yahoo.
  • All customers are approved by a human to ensure they are a trusted sender of emails through our platform or DynECT Email Delivery.
  • Until a customer has been approved, every large campaign is reviewed before it can be delivered. Spamming campaigns are removed and the account closed immediately.
  • Our team verifies all large lists that are imported and ensures they comply with our strict permission policy. Every email sent using our software contains a single-click unsubscribe link.
  • Our abuse email account (and Dyn’s) is monitored closely and every complaint is followed up promptly.
  • Our software is directly integrated into abuse feedback complaint systems for some large ISP’s. If a sender receives an unacceptable number of complaints their account is terminated.
  • Dyn offers RepCheck, inbox monitoring that gives more insight into your sending reputation with views on authentication, volume/frequency, inbox acceptance rate, bounce rate, complaint rate and more. All tied into the Carrier Pigeon application.
  • We also consistently use Return Path’s enhanced delivery monitoring tools – providing our infrastructure and our clients visibility in real-time as to how well their mail is received.