Carrier Pigeon lets you create, deliver and manage email campaigns via a simple user interface or API. There is no hardware to wrestle with, dedicated help & support, superior deliverability, and features that will help you succeed as an email marketer.

  • Facebook Like Button

    You can add a Facebook ‘Like’ icon to emails, enabling subscribers to share that email content on their Facebook user wall.

  • Incredible Support

    Help is there when you need it. Through our Support Channels, Best Practices Blog, Video Tutorials (coming soon) and Custom Support packages, you can quickly become an email marketing expert.

  • Google Analytics

    If you use Google Analytics to track your website stats, you can also see how many visits and where those visitors went on your website from any email campaign.

  • Flexible Email Creation

    Carrier Pigeon lets you use templates, bring in your own HTML code or start from scratch with our HTML Word-like editor.

  • Inbox Preview

    Designing emails can be hard. We’ve got you covered. Carrier Pigeon lets you preview your campaigns across 30 email clients and devices in minutes.

  • Stellar Deliverability

    With Dyn and their DynECT Email Delivery product behind us, Carrier Pigeon helps ensure your emails reach the inbox.

  • Beautiful Reports

    Carrier Pigeon provides elegant reports on every campaign metric you need to keep track of, including: opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, forwards and more.

  • Privacy & Security

    The security of your data and privacy is extremely important to us, so we’ve invested heavily in technology, data storage, backups, and independent privacy monitoring services.

  • Carrier Pigeon API

    The Carrier Pigeon API gives you the ability to interact with your account using easy-to-use functions

  • Split A/B Testing

    Quickly and easily test email templates, subject lines or complete different content with built in A/B testing you can get the most out of your email campaigns.

  • Social Sharing

    Carrier Pigeon simply grabs your email’s subject line and creates a tiny URL using bit.ly to share with social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Powerful Auto Responders

    Stage an ongoing drip marketing campaign by automating your email deliveries through auto-responders.

  • Easy Subscriber & List Management

    Add, Delete, and Edit subscribers and lists with ease. Carrier Pigeon has no limit on list size unlike others we only charge for the emails you actually send.

  • Pre-Built Templates

    Pre-Loaded with multiple common layout templates, proven to work in ALL major email programs, Carrier Pigeon is ready for you to add content and start sending.

  • Salesforce Integration

    The Salesforce Integration allows you to easily import your Salesforce lists into Carrier Pigeon and then see user actions in your Salesforce account.

  • Sophisticated Web Forms

    Quickly create subscription forms, send-to-friend and preference management forms using our forms wizard and then install them on your web site in minutes.

  • White Label

    Our White Label option allows you to incorporate our state of the art email marketing application seamlessly into your brand.

  • RSS to Email

    Carrier Pigeon can pull data from any XML/RSS feed and populate your email campaigns. No more copy, pasting and reformatting of content for your emails.