″Diogo Costa is a copy of Bahia. Maybe a little more refined with the feet″

Manuel Tulipa worked in the formation of FC Porto. Vítor Ferreira, Fábio Vieira and Francisco Conceição, without forgetting João Mário, were outstanding.

Vítor Ferreira, Fábio Vieira and Francisco Conceição, recently champions of the I Liga for FC Porto, have worked out the details of the transition to the seniors, underlines the former footballer and coach Manuel Tulipa, who guided this trio in the club training and highlights other young people in the team.

“Vítor Ferreira improved during his time at the Under-19s and in the B team, but there he acquired a different connection with his arrival in the main team and, in particular, with the formation of Sérgio Conceição. He is a complete player, who understands very well the moments of organization of the pressure and with the ball. It is obvious, since he has not lost his quality, but has managed to improve the moment without a ball”, explained to the Lusa agency the former coach of the insiders (2017/18), young people (2018/19) and juniors (2019/20) of the “Dragons”.

Manuel Tulipa worked two seasons ago with the 22-year-old midfielder, better known as Vitinha, who started in 27 of the 30 games played in the league and also added two goals and three assists, in a course that has already earned him an AA cap.

Vítor Ferreira made his debut in the XI in the home loss to Moreirense (5-0) in the sixth round, as did Fábio Vieira, 21, who had 15 starts and left the bench 12 times, being the second FC Porto’s most influential player. , with six goals and 14 assists.

“Fábio Vieira is special, because he can see everything with his head on the ground. He is a player with the last pass and with the arrival in the box, the goal, the midrange and the dead balls. is also improved in terms of pressure orientation, but what amazes me is how he displays his quality when many teams are weak on the pitch and he manages to decipher what the game demands. These are the players who are worth a lot of money,” he pointed out.

While the midfielder also only spent one season with Manuel Tulipa, Francisco Conceição shared two on his way to the main team, for which he started just once but added 24 games as a used substitute, totaling two goals and two assists.

Projecting an “elite and attractive player for all levels”, the coach of the Marítimo Under-23 team advised the 19-year-old striker to “walk inside often, where he there are more people to fix, keep the ball, break, fix and go”.

“He’s a kid that I particularly like because he’s worked with me for longer. He’s amazing and competitive, he likes to win and he’s always looking for duels. Having a huge room for improvement, he has to be used very well. He needed to grow when the teams are low and I think that was it. Then he learned something which, for me, is fundamental: to have the left foot as the dominant foot, he plays right and also happens to deceive , which makes it difficult for those who defend it”, described.

Manuel Tulipa, 49, equates the competitiveness of Francisco Conceição with that of his father, Sérgio Conceição, although with “different characteristics” from the FC Porto coach, who “has gone through very well, without having the error of his son nor the attraction for duels”. .

“He had other high-level things and that’s why he made his career. In tactical terms he was a very good player. Francisco Conceição also needs a bit of understanding, improvement and training. “adjustment at times when the team that he has to have a different tactical orientation with and without the ball. He’s still a young man, he’s almost 20 and will learn all those values ​​his father had,” said the former midfielder trained at FC Porto.

Among the new domestic champions molded from the Dragons’ youth ranks is 22-year-old João Mário, who went from winger to suitable right-back and played 24 duels, including four as a second-hand substitute, assisting for two goals .

“Honestly, what Sérgio Conceição did is another moment of great lucidity. I think João Mário would be a good player as a winger, but maybe not as a top player. As a striker, he develops very his skills well, knowing he has a mistake, serves and breaks very well in a second wave. In my opinion, this is the perfect position for him.”

Diogo Costa, 22, was untouchable in Porto’s goal from the first to the penultimate round and was only rested by choice in the last, when he still became the team’s number 1 national in the dam of access to the 2022. World Cup, succeeding Rui Patricio.

“He is one of the most elegant goalkeepers of recent times and a bit like a copy of Vítor Baía. Maybe even a little more refined in the game with his feet and in the intention of creating and provoking a lot of attacking play. He has an incredible goal defense and an ease in getting out of crosses. We all agree that in the near future we will not find a better solution to defend the colors of FC Porto and Portugal “, he attested.

Besides Diogo Costa, João Mário, Vítor Ferreira and Fábio Vieira, all UEFA Youth League champions for FC Porto in 2018/19, and the promising Francisco Conceição, Tulipa detects names from the B team, 10th in the II Liga, “with room to grow”.

“Gonçalo Borges and Bernardo Folha are excellent players with great potential to join the main team soon and, if possible, grow with Sérgio Conceição. I think they would gain a different dimension with him,” he said. concluded.

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