10 characters who have already lifted Mjolnir

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters in July, and we’ll see there Jane Fosternow as Mighty Thor, wielding the reforged Mjolnir. the hammer of Thorwhich can only be raised by those who are worthy of it, has already been used as a weapon by many people in the comics, and today let’s talk of 10 characters who have lifted Mjolnir – aside from Thor, of course.

From heroes who are clearly worth it and didn’t even need to prove it, to supposed villains who really shouldn’t be able to lift the hammer, and even heroes from other universes, the fact is that Mjolnir isn’t all that difficult to wield – and therefore bestow the powers of Thor on whoever wields it.

Silver Surfer

It is no surprise to anyone that the Silver Surfer be dignified. But that remained to be seen in practice, as far as Mjolnir is concerned. A few years ago, comics from Thanos brought up a storyline called “Thanos Wins,” where Thanos, well…wins (at least an alternate version of him).

The Silver Surfer is one of the few living creatures who can still challenge him, and in a last desperate attempt to stop Thanos, he takes Thor’s hammer and attacks the Mad Titan in an epic final battle. Unfortunately, even that is not enough and the surfer is defeated. Even so, it was glorious to see Norrin finally confirm that he is indeed worthy of Mjolnir.

captain america

If you are wondering which specific comic Avengers: Endgame was using as the basis for the scene where the captain america finally lifted Mjolnir, know that the answer is not so simple. Thing is, there are plenty of times Steve has lifted Thor’s hammer in the comics.

The first time Cap used Mjolnir was in Thor #390, when Steve operated under the codename just “Captain”. He and Thor were attacked by soldiers of Set, the Egyptian god of death, and while Thor was suffering the worst, Cap had to think of a way to turn the tide in their favor. Then, seeing nothing more to do, he reached Mjolnir and, for the first time, raised his hammer to defeat Set’s henchmen. Another iconic moment took place in the Essence of Fear saga, where he lifted Mjolnir to the cry of “Avengers Onward” – in a scene closer to that of the movies.

Miguel O’Hara

In 2099: Manifest Destinythe spider man 2099 finds Captain America frozen inside a sheet of ice. He unlocks it and the two attempt to fix the 2099 timeline, which was in danger.

To help him, Miguel gives Captain America a relic of times past, Mjolnir – Thor’s hammer. Raising the hammer, Captain America aids the heroes of 2099 in a battle in space.

However, at some point, Steve Rogers casts Mjolnir, and he is caught by… Miguel O’Hara! Well, while he was arrogant and even a little mean-spirited, Spider-Man 2099 was worthy of Thor’s power. Using his new abilities, Miguel ushers in an era of peace and prosperity for over a thousand years. He was worthy of Thor’s powers and proved that worth, giving the 2099 timeline the harmony it deserved.

Eric Masterson

One of the mortals who received the power of Thor was Eric Masterson, an architect who Odin chose to possess the essence of Thor for a time. While this had dire consequences for Masterson’s life – such as losing custody of his son – it also gave him incredible power.

As a stand-in for Thor for a period in the late 80s and early 90s, Masterson was worthy of Mjolnir. When Thor returned to his post, Masterson received his own weapon made from Uru, Thunderclap, which also became his codename.

beta ray bill

beta ray bill is a monstrous Korbinite alien who was the first non-Asgardian to be deemed worthy of wielding Mjolnir. And he lifted the hammer after simply defeating Thor in a fight.

After this confrontation and for proving himself worthy of lifting the hammer, Odin determined that Bill should fight Thor for the right to wield Mjolnir from then on.

Bill also won that fight – barely – but refused to let Thor die. After rescinding his claim to Mjolnir, Odin gave Bill the Stormbreaker, a hammer with power equivalent to Mjolnir, solidifying the bond between Bill and Thor as brothers in arms.

Jane Foster

When Thor became unworthy, the mighty Mjolnir remained on the moon until a mysterious woman appeared and claimed the hammer. After fighting alongside this mysterious new Thor, Odinson (as Thor became known) bequeathed him not only his power, but also his name and responsibility as the God of Thunder.

This new Thor, as later revealed, was secretly Thor’s ex-girlfriend, Jane Foster, and she wielded the hammer for quite a while before returning it to Odinson. This level, written by Jason Aaron, is one of the best God of Thunder has ever had in the comics, and will be partially adapted into the film. Thor: Love and Thunderwhich hits theaters in July.


One of the most recent Mjolnir users appeared in the Dark King saga, when Knull, the God of Symbiotes, invade Earth in their quest to extinguish all existing life. All the heroes try to defeat him, but in the end, the final battle comes down to Knull versus Eddie Brock, the Venom.

And for an added bonus, he takes Thor’s Mjolnir and uses it to defeat Knull. And as if that wasn’t crazy enough, Venom uses the Enigma Force to merge Mjolnir and the Silver Surfer’s board into an even more powerful weapon, a mighty battle ax that splits the ancient god in two.


Donny Cates has done some crazy things with Thor since taking over the title from Jason Aaron, and last year he hinted at something fans have wanted to see for a long time: Loki be worthy of Mjolnir.

When Sif sends Mjolnir to Jotunheim to end the fight between Thor and Beta Ray Bill, the hammer falls at the feet of Loki, who had been crowned King of Jotunheim after the War of the Realms. And then Loki takes it, and even he is surprised when he realizes he is now able to lift the hammer.

Of course, this is a very different Loki from the past. He had his evil essence separated from him years ago, became a child, a young avenger… and although he has merged back into his old self, it seems all of his experiences have changed him. for all time.

wonder woman

JLA/Avengers wasn’t the first DC/Marvel crossover, although it was the best. The previous attempt was aptly titled DC vs. Marvel, where, during a fight with Shazam, Thor ends up dropping Mjolnir. Your hammer then lands right at the foot of the wonder woman and… well, I don’t even have to say she’s worthy, do I?

And when given the chance to use Mjolnir to win her fight against Storm, Wonder Woman showed how worthy she was, choosing NOT to use it, because such an unfair advantage would dishonor her opponent and her fight. . While an admirable act, Wonder Woman takes a beating from Storm. Better have used that damn hammer.


Now let’s move on to the best crossover between Marvel and DC: JLA/Avengers. And without a doubt, the most striking scene in the entire series is when the Superman is considered worthy of lifting Mjolnir.

During the Avengers and League’s final assault on the villainous Krona’s stronghold, Superman finds himself at the final and strongest barrier between them and the enemy. To give Super the edge to pass, Thor throws his hammer and, naturally, Superman is worth it. With a mighty blow, the barrier falls.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t last long – Superman and magic don’t get along very well, and he claims the power is too overwhelming. But the page where it happens is certainly one of the most legendary in comics.


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