10 Existentialist Movies On Netflix To Watch On Lonely Days

Doane Gregory / Netflix

The human being who does not question his own existence and why everything happens, how everything begins, how everything unfolds and ends, is resigned. It is human nature to be restless and to seek to understand the meaning of life and the world. Absolute truths do not exist, and if they do exist, they have not yet been revealed to us. It’s up to humans to this endless search for answers hidden in nature. If you like films that understand your questions and afflictions, follow these productions available on Netflix. Highlights for “The Adam Project”, 2022, Shawn Levy; “The Lost Girl”, 2021, by Maggie Gyllenhaal; and “The Hand of God”, from 2021, by Paolo Sorrentino. The titles available on netflix are organized according to the year of release and do not follow classification criteria.

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