10 facts about the invisible woman

Originally codenamed “The Invisible Girl”, Susan Storm was the most evolved character throughout the history of the The Fantastic Four. And continue the series of team videos in the channelIt’s time for the 10 facts about the Invisible Woman video.

Mother, wife, and superheroine, Sue is actually considered by many to be Marvel’s definitive hero, and she was even the first in the Marvel Universe as we know it. Did you know that her powers go far beyond invisibility and that she even led the Fantastic Four? This and much more will be covered in this video.

10 – Origin

Susan Storm and her younger brother Johnny lived peacefully on Long Island until their mother Mary Storm died in a car accident. Their father Franklin Storm, who was a renowned doctor, was unable to save his wife after which he turned to alcoholism and spent the entire family fortune on drinking and gambling debts.

This spiral of destruction ended up sending Franklin to prison after accidentally killing his loan shark. The children moved in with their aunt Marygay Dinkins, who ran a boarding house. When Susan was in her late teens, she fell in love with one of her aunt’s boarders, Reed Richardswho was working on her third doctorate at Empire State University.

9 – The Fantastic Four

Reed Richards’ space project was losing government funding and he decided he would either have to fly his own ship or lose his life’s work forever. He enlisted the help of his college friend and pilot well grimmand Sue and Johnny Storm came on board for their own reasons, probably love and fun, respectively.

The journey went smoothly until the spacecraft passed through the Van Allen Belt, where insufficient shielding and a solar flare exacerbated the intense cosmic radiation present, which permeated the spacecraft and its inhabitants. Ben managed to land the ship safely and the four transformed almost immediately. Sue gained the ability to turn invisible. They agreed to use their powers to help humanity as the Fantastic Four.

8 – Much more than invisibility

Over time, Sue realized that her power went far beyond invisibility and that she was able to develop extremely powerful force fields. Through focus, Sue can engage herself and others to save them from harm. Their force fields, for example, have already survived direct hits from the Pontoon.

It also created an air bubble and survived the pressures of the ocean depths. Sue can also shoot tiny force objects like projectiles, can create shields and weapons, and can fly in high-speed force field discs. Additionally, if desired, her power can also be quite lethal, given that she is able to create an invisible force field around someone’s head and stop them from breathing. Also, if we want to make things more gruesome, Sue is able to create a force field in someone’s brain, which she once tried to do with Reed in the Ultimate universe when he became a Vilain.

7 – Love, marriage and motherhood

When meet was on a rampage, directing an attack on humanity, he only stopped when he was captivated by Sue’s beauty and wanted to make her his queen. Sue and Reed had been dating for some time, but the affection was usually one-sided, as Reed’s focus was always on science. Even so, Sue decided she had to follow her heart and stay with Reed.

Reed and Sue’s wedding was a huge event, with almost every superhero in New York in attendance. He was also followed by a large number of supervillains who were hired by Doctor Doom to disrupt the event. But the marriage was successful and Sue soon became pregnant with their first child. Complications started early, due to the cosmic rays giving him his powers, and Reed, Johnny, and Ben battled Annihilus for an item that would allow the child and mother to survive. To learn more, see our article on Franklin Richard.

6 – Mischief

Sue remained emotionally vulnerable after losing the baby in her second pregnancy. The villainous Psycho-Man took advantage of this and unleashed the hatred and rage within her. She transformed into a character named Malice and attacked the Fantastic Four, defeating the entire team. However, Reed helped Sue realize that she had been manipulated, causing his wife to return to normal.

The team pursued the Psycho-Man into the Microverse, where he ambushed them and again tormented Sue. Her control device showed Sue footage of her teammates being subjected to gruesome deaths. Sue was about to collapse when Reed rescued her again. Sue then turned Psycho Man’s own machine against him, short-circuiting his nervous system which nearly killed him. Feeling changed by the whole experience, she stopped calling herself Invisible Girl, eventually changing her codename to Invisible Woman.

5 – Sue at the controls

When Reed was apparently killed while fighting the Fate Doctor, Sue, refusing to accept his death, immediately takes command of the Fantastic Four. She hired Scott Lang, the second The ant Man, to be the team’s resident scientist and began searching for Reed. She became as effective and capable a leader as Reed.

Sue found Reed in the past and rescued him, but he found his transition difficult. Reed felt threatened by Sue’s newfound confidence. This added to the fact that his time in the past left him traumatized and undecided. When Namor tried to “claim” Sue as his queen, Reed regained his confidence and fought for his wife.

4 – Valeria Times Two

An even more surprising resurrection unfolded later, when Franklin revealed that he had used his powers to save Sue’s seemingly stillborn daughter years earlier, and that child ended up in an alternate future. .

Rediscovering the girl, Franklin used her reality-altering powers to return her to Sue’s womb, where she would have one more chance of being born. This time, Sue’s pregnancy gave birth to a healthy girl, who needed the help of science and the magic of Doctor Fate to come into the world. In return for the favor, Fate insisted on naming the child, naming her Valeria, the same name as a woman he once loved.

3 – Civil War

Sue had her own opinions on the Superhero Registration Act, but wanted to support Reed, so she sided with Iron Man pro-registration. However, realizing they were going too far and her husband didn’t even realize the line he was crossing, she left Reed and went to support Captain America’s side. The trigger for Sue was when her dear friend Bill Foster was killed by the clone of Thor created by Reed and Tony. Sue placed herself between the clone and Captain America’s team, allowing them to escape.

During the final battle of the Civil War, Sue took care of the innocents potentially caught up in battle. After the battle ended, which ended with Captain America’s arrest, Sue accepted amnesty and helped rebuild areas of the city damaged by the superhero clash.

2 – Future Foundation

After Johnny Storm’s death, the Fantastic Four reorganized into the Future Foundation. Members included the Spider Manwho replaced Johnny at his posthumous request, the young men they taught, the remaining members of the Quartet, and their genius sons Franklin and Valeria.

Later, Sue joined the heroes of Earth and her happy brother alive and now in command of the Annihilus fleet, in a fight against the Kree. Reed and Sue summoned Galactus, which devastated the Kree army. Then the Mad Celestials came to destroy Earth, but future versions of Franklin and Valeria arrived to defeat the Celestials, heal Galactus, and save everyone. You can already see that the daily life of this family is very hectic, right?

1 – Live action

With the Fantastic Four set to arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s a lot of anticipation as to who will play the Invisible Woman. Actress Emily Blunt is one of the fan-favorite names, and it’s been a long time. Turns out Blunt is John Krasinski’s wife, and they even played a couple in “A Quiet Place.” Since then, Marvel fans have been busy on this lineup. And now that Krasinski has actually appeared as Reed Richards, that fancast has become even more desirable.

However, this won’t be the first time Sue Storm has performed live. In the 1994 film Fantastic Four, she was played by Rebecca Staab; in 2005’s Fantastic Four and its 2007 sequel, Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer, Jessica Alba guest-starred; and finally, the last time we saw the Invisible Woman in theaters was during the 2015 Quartet reboot, where Kate Mara played the character.


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