10 facts about the thing

Thanks to his quirky looks, Ben Grimm is one of the most notable characters in the Fantastic Four. And since there have been videos of other characters in the channelof course I would not fail to have a video of 10 facts about the Thing.

Described as the “soul” of the The Fantastic Four, The Thing is the only member of Marvel’s First Family who doesn’t exactly have a literal family connection to the others, but that’s precisely what makes him such a pivotal character. Did you know that today he can become human and that he has exchanged blows with Hulk several times? This and much more will be covered in this video.

10 – Origin

Benjamin J. Grimm was born on Yancy Street, in a poor neighborhood of Manhattan. Her father, an alcoholic man, could not keep a job. Much of the family’s income came from the robberies of Ben’s older brother, Daniel, who was the leader of the “Yancy Street Gang”.

Ben, who idolized his brother, was devastated when Daniel was killed during a confrontation with rival gangs. Daniel’s death destroyed the family and his parents died soon after when young Ben was sent to live with his Uncle Jacob and Aunt Petunia.

9 – Gang Leader

When he grew up, Ben succeeded his brother as leader of the Yancy Street Gang. Ben refused to take orders from his uncle Jake, a hardworking man who rose from poverty to become a successful doctor, but over time he came to respect his uncles.

He left behind his life of crime with the Yancy Street Gang, returned to school, and became a high school football star. During his senior year at Stuyvesant High School, Ben received a football scholarship to Hegeman State University, New York. This is where he meets Reed Richards.

8 – Reed Richards

Ben Grimm’s freshman roommate was the brilliant science student Reed Richards, who became his closest friend. When they first met, Reed told Ben of his intention to one day build a ship for interstellar travel. Ben jokingly promised that he would pilot the ship for Reed if he built it.

After graduating, Ben Grimm joined the US Air Force and became a highly skilled fighter pilot as well as a test pilot and astronaut. Meanwhile, Reed Richards continued with his plan to build a spacecraft, with funding from the federal government. The day Ben Grimm left the army, Reed came to see him to remind him of his promise to pilot his ship.

7 – The Fantastic Four

When the federal government threatened to withdraw funding from Reed’s project, it decided to take the craft on a test flight as soon as possible. Ben objected to the idea, warning that the spacecraft’s shielding would be inadequate against intense radiation storms. However, he was convinced by Reed to serve as a pilot, and Richards’ future wife, Sue Storm, and her teenage brother Johnny insisted on accompanying them as passengers. The four stormed into the launch facility, entered the ship, and took off. They only intended to travel through hyperspace to another solar system and back, but the ship was bombarded by a storm of cosmic rays. Ben Grimm was forced to abort the flight and return to Earth.

Once back on Earth, the four passengers discovered that the cosmic radiation had triggered mutagenic changes in their bodies. Ben was transformed into a rock-skinned orange “thing”. Although he agreed to be part of Reed’s later idea of ​​becoming the “Fantastic Four”, what Ben wanted most was to return to normal.

6 – Based on Jack Kirby

Legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby often mentioned that he considered the Thing an alter ego for himself, as the two shared a gruff but sensitive demeanor and a penchant for cigars. This is especially seen early in the character’s life. Both Ben Grimm and Kirby were born into working-class Jewish immigrant families on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Like Kirby, Ben Grimm’s early years were often filled with fighting and gang membership, with both young men dreaming of getting out of their neighborhood and making it big. Fortunately, (for them and the readers) both succeeded.

5 – Secondary mutation

One of the most recurring elements in the Fantastic Four stories is Ben Grimm’s frustration at being a monstrous creature of orange stone. By the 1980s, he was more desperate than ever to regain his human self, partly because he was still mutating.

The Thing began to mutate further after further exposure to cosmic radiation, and its rocky exterior became harder and sharper, making it even more monstrous. Eventually he would return to the classic look with the help of Reed Richards.

4 – He can defeat the Hulk

Who would win in a fight between the Thing and the Pontoon? There have been many clashes between the two giants, but in almost every battle the result is either a draw or Hulk defeats Ben.

The Thing only defeated the Hulk once and he didn’t do it alone. This happened in Fantastic Four #166-167, when the team faced off against the Hulk. Reed engages him, Sue blocks his airflow to weaken him, and Ben lands the final blow. Their best strength competition came in Incredible Hulk Annual #18, when the two fought in an unwinnable arm wrestling match. It turns out the two are attacked with a nuke, causing the chairs they were on to break.

In the Ultimate Universe, there’s some kind of consensus that the Thing is stronger than the Hulk, considering he’s beaten the big guy twice. In one of them, he even says after knocking out the Hulk: “People are always wondering who is stronger between the two of us. I think that answers the question.

3 – He becomes human once a year

More recent phases of the Fantastic Four comics have established that Ben Grimm can change back to human once a year, and this de-transformation lasts for a week. It is the result of an experience of franklin and Valeria Richards, son of Reed and Sue.

Their formula gives Ben back his much-needed humanity, but being a superhero, he’s pretty much always available. And considering the fact that the Fantastic Four are always under threat, it’s clear that sometimes a problem arises just when Ben is in human form. The guy has no peace.

2 – Marriage

Ben Grimm’s longest-lasting romance in comics is with blind sculptor Alicia Masters. In 2018, the two finally got married, in the fifth installment of writer Dan Slott’s series, which featured a number of artists including Esad Ribic, Adam Hughes, Michael Allred and Aaron Kuder.

The two had a difficult relationship on the way to the altar. They started dating at the start of Fantastic Four, but broke up. There was even a time when Ben had to agree to see Johnny Storm marrying Alicia, but she was ultimately revealed to be a Skrull in disguise, Lyja. The real Alicia was stuck in suspended animation.

1 – Virtually immortal

The Thing’s stony physiology has several bizarre aspects that grant it abilities beyond super strength. Over time, it was revealed that he only ages when occasionally returning to his human form. In other words, it only ages one week per year. This makes him, if not technically immortal, able to live an extremely long life, at the very least.

In Fantastic Four #605, Mr. Fantastic travels back in time three thousand years into the future and finds something much older, but still very much alive, sadly tending to his garden and remembering the friends he has lost. .


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