10 GREAT sci-fi movies to stream

Over the years, science fiction films have become one of the cinematic genres that bring more reflections into their contexts. In many productions of this type, they tend to deal with concepts in the imaginary infinity which mixes part of the real, part of the fantasy. A creative exercise by various storytellers from around the world.

To leave as advice some films that transport us to rich stories that generate reflections within the creative universe proposed, follow below 10 Great Sci-Fi Movies Spread Across Streams:

The Swan Song (Apple TV+)

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In the plot, we meet the artist Cameron (Mahershala Ali) who finds himself years in the future lost in a news that upset his thinking: he has a terminal illness and does not know how to announce it to his family. Thus, he ends up exploring a possibility that goes through Doctor Jo (Glenn Close), which involves creating a clone of himself to live out the rest of his life that he cannot live with his family and thus defend his wife Poppy from the pain of loss (Noemie Harris) and her young son. A complex choice, full of variables will have to be made.

dune (HBO Max)

Fear kills the mind. Long before we were surprised by the disputes between the houses that rule the kingdoms, in the tremendous success game of thronessomething similar had been created before, only far from the medieval universe, but across galaxies. dune is an acclaimed work of literature written by Frank Herbert, notably considered the best-selling science fiction book of all time. Won an adaptation in the 80s by the hands of the filmmaker David Lynchand a new one, very recent, in 2021, signed by the Canadian Denis Villeneuve. As for the latter, in the midst of all the complications involved in explaining such a complex work, it gets lost in the first arcs but gradually gains the seal of the epic not only for the action sequences and electrifying adventure but also for the excellent composition of the drama, mainly in the complicated cut of this saga of mother and son.

Oxygen (netflix)

The static power of tension. With a very difficult project in his hands, in an ingenious and surprising scenario of Christie LeBlancthe french filmmaker Alexandre Aja uses the moments of trepidation at the fork to bolster a film that in a theater would have even more impact. An experiment? An abduction ? Something related to science fiction? The paradox between memories and reality, as well as the awareness of survival, when we manage to understand what this situation experienced by the character of Melanie Laurent the staging shines and takes us to an original plot within hard-hitting reflections on the artificial meaning of things supposed to be natural.

Where is Monday? (netflix)

Some are my brothers, some say they are, some I know they never will be. Directed by Norwegian filmmaker Tommy Wirkola Where’s Monday? with, in several roles, the great Swedish actress Noomi Rapace, the project took a few years to take off. The frenetic pace of the last act is a fundamental balance in this scenario full of surprises since it has seven protagonists who think and experience the world they inhabit in a completely different way.

Life (star+)

In the plot, we meet six astronauts, many of them scientists, who, due to North American curiosity to continue exploring space and its mysteries, are assigned to a complex mission full of protocols where they must know whether there really is intelligent life on Mars. Thus, an organism is found, actually collected, and taken inside the space station where it is for further analysis. After days of celebration for the first promising discoveries, instability and ignorance, combined with the impressive evolution of the Martian sample found, transform the mission into a fight for survival and difficult choices will have to be made.

Arrival (Globoplay, Star+)

The first sin of mankind was faith; the first virtue was doubt. Combining a very logical theory with an imaginative Noolean universe (in reference to the equally brilliant director Christopher Nolan), the film manages to hold the audience’s attention from beginning to end based on a brilliant script signed Eric Heisserer which was based on the tale Story of your lifeby the writer Ted Chang, which has won famous awards dedicated to science fiction literature. On top of all that, the cast put on a great show on stage.

A quiet place (Star+, netflixGloboplay)

In the plot, we meet a family who communicates by sign language and the viewer is surprised in its decor, an X Day appears on the screen. During the first quarter of an hour we are immersed in the space/time of the story, discovering little by little the reason for the strange gestures of the characters. Trying to reverse an apocalyptic situation, and completely isolated in a giant house, the children of this family will gradually learn the rules of survival in this completely new world full of dangers caused by sound.

accidental passenger (netflix)

In the plot, we meet a trio of crew selected for an expedition setting off on a long journey to Mars. They are: Zoe (Anna Kendrick), a young Yale-trained doctor, Harvard-trained biologist David (Daniel Dae Kim) and the ship’s commander Marina Bernett (Toni Collette). On takeoff, everything was fine, but some time later, in a very unusual way, they realized that they were not alone because a man named Michael (Shamir Anderson) can be found in one of the ship’s panels. So, having to figure out the why, they will have to make very complicated decisions because the ship is for a long voyage and there are only three people who survived the whole voyage.

Gravity (HBO Max)

In the fantasy adventure, we accompany veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and medical engineer Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) on a tumultuous day in space. While solving problems on a space station, they are surprised by a meteor shower that hits another space station, rapidly marching towards them. Outside the ship, with little oxygen and almost desperate, they must join forces to try to survive this impending doom.

Prometheus (Star +)

In the plot, we are introduced to a team of explorers who discover a clue to the following question: the origin of humanity on Earth! It ends up taking them on an interplanetary adventure through the most complex places that inhabit the universe. Arrived at destination, the crew of the Prometheus will have to face a cruel and painful battle to try to save the future of the human race.

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