10 sentences that mark the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who divorced in 2017, returned to the courtroom following the lawsuit in which the actor is seeking 46 million euros from his ex-wife for defamation, the actress having advanced with a similar charge, but claiming 93 million. The case, which began on April 11, is about to end. We recall here the sentences that have marked the trial so far

“Tell the world that Johnny Depp is a victim of domestic violence”

It was the first sentence of the trial to find an echo in the press. During the actor’s first day of hearing, his attorneys played a recording of a conversation between the former couple who, at the actress’s request, are in a hotel room in San Francisco .

In the audio, Depp can be heard offering a “peaceful solution” to their divorce: a joint letter in which the couple say they love each other and that a storm has been created around them by the press. However, the actress resists the idea and challenges her ex-husband to go public with his claim that he was abused.

“Tell the world, Johnny. Tell them that I, Johnny Depp – a man – am also a victim of domestic violence.

Asked by the lawyer what he would answer if asked if he was a victim of domestic violence, Depp replied: “Yes, I am”.

“Let’s drown it before we burn it”

On the same day, Johnny Depp was even confronted with posts which he was chatting with friends about his relationship with Amber Heard and in which he claimed he was a “monster” and wanted to drown and burn his ex-wife. “Let’s drown her before we burn her. Then I’ll fuck her burnt corpse to make sure she’s dead.”

Johnny Depp on the first day of his deposition

Among the texts were several sent by the actor to Paul Bettany, where he confessed to having transformed after “drinking too much”. In the text message exchanges, Johnny Depp even claimed that his ex-wife was a “dirty p ***” that he wanted to see dead.

Asked in court about the messages he exchanged, Depp said he was ‘not proud of any of the terms he used when he was angry’ but ended up saying the messages were a “direct” reference to an episode of Monty Python (British comedy series) and that it was just “irreverent, abstract humour”.

“It’s a movie we all saw when we were ten. It’s just abstract, irreverent humor. The text about burning Mrs. Heard is from Monty Python and the episode is about burning witches” , he said in court, citing The Washington Post.

“I have never hit any woman in my life”

Johnny Depp, who was heard in court for four days, also guaranteed in court that he never hit Heard or another woman, saying what happened in the relationship was the opposite, Amber Heard becoming abusive over time, even going so far as to bully him and call him “names that put him down”.

“If I stayed arguing, sooner or later I was sure it would turn into violence, and it often did,” he said.

Claiming to be “obsessed with the truth”, Johnny Depp added that the domestic abuse allegations against him were “disturbing and heinous” and “not based on any kind of truth”.

“I never got to the point of hitting Ms. Heard. I’ve never hit any woman in my life either.”

“I did not identify her as a victim of domestic violence”

After Depp is heard, it’s the actor’s defense’s turn to call the witnesses, including the Los Angeles police officer who handled the incident at the couple’s home on May 21, 2016, which took place days before the actress filed for divorce and filed a restraining order against the actor.

In a pre-recorded statement, Melissa Saenz said that upon arriving at the residence, she could see the actress was crying, but had no signs of injury.

Melissa Saenz’s testimony is given in court (EPA/BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI)

“The husband was not at the scene and the victim told us that there had been an argument and that he was not going to give us any more information. And because we did not identify a crime , we gave him a business card, telling him he could contact us later if he changed his mind and wanted to cooperate,” Saenz said.

The officer also said she did not observe any violence against the actress and did not see any evidence of the crime during the time she was at the scene.

“I did not identify her as a victim of domestic violence”these, quoted by EFEadding that the actress “her face was red and swollen from crying”.

“He went against a door, or a door went against him”

Malcolm Connolly, Johnny Depp’s longtime security guard, was also heard in court and said Amber Heard would ‘go cold at the snap of a finger’ and revealed that at some point he started to notice marks of violence on the actor. “It was scratches on my neck, maybe a swollen lip. I had a bruise on my eye. It started to be more regular. Not every week, but it happened.”

Johnny Depp with Malcolm Connolly (Getty Images)

Security also said that during the honeymoon, during which the couple traveled from Bangkok to Singapore by train, Depp had marks under his eyes.

“He went against a door, or a door went against him”, he said, making the courtroom laugh. Connolly also recalled that the actor was “not happy at all” during the trip.

“I have no words to describe how painful it is”

During the first deposition, Amber Heard could not contain the emotion and, in court, confessed being “horrible to have to go through everything again” for weeks. The actress began her testimony four weeks after the start of the actor’s defamation lawsuit and, over four days, recalled the alleged situations of physical violence, supported by photographic evidence and medical documents.

“I have no words to describe how painful it is,” he admitted.

“He drove it into me again and again”

The sentence, uttered by Amber Heard, while looking down, shaking her head and sobbing, recalls one of the assaults Depp allegedly committed at home in Australia and which Dawn Hughes, the interpersonal violence specialist called by the defense of the actress, already mentioned in court. “He drove it into me again and again”Heard said, describing a moment the actor penetrated her with a glass bottle.

Amber Heard gets emotional in court (EPA)

“I remember looking around, looking at all the broken bottles, the broken glass and I remember not wanting to move because I didn’t know if that bottle he had inside me was broken,” the actress said, recalling that it all happened after a big argument in which the actor, who was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

This is not the only episode remembered by Amber Heard who, in an emotional speech, also said that her ex-husband accused her of hiding drugs and that Johnny Depp even came to see him. “find” your private parts. He did not specify the year in which it took place, but he assured that it happened during a vacation at the Hicksville Trailer Palace, in Joshua Tree, in the United States.

“I gave him a knife as a birthday present”

After Amber Heard’s testimony, it’s Depp’s turn to question the actress. Lawyer Camila Vasquez asked Heard about the gift she gave her ex-husband in 2012 and asked an usher to enter the room with the knife engraved with the message “Hasta la muerte” (Until the death).

“That’s the knife she gave to the man who got drunk and assaulted her, isn’t it?” asked the lawyer, also asking Heard if she offered the knife. knife to her ex-husband at a time when he was violent.

Heard explained that in 2012, Depp was “in and out” of sobriety, prompting the lawyer to press the subject and ask if she had given her ex-husband a “gift of a knife” “during these cycles of violence”. .

“I gave him a knife as an anniversary present when we first started dating, around 2012,” the actress replied, later adding that “I wasn’t afraid” that he would “stab” her.

“I hit you, I didn’t hit you”

During her interrogation, Amber Heard declared that she had never attacked Johnny Depp and that if she was physically violent with her ex-husband, it was to defend herself from his attacks. In court, the actress even said that the violence had become something normal in marriagebut she justified her own actions as defense mechanisms, and even claimed that her ex-husband had diminished her as a woman.

“I didn’t hit Johnny in Australia. I never attacked Johnny.

However, during the trial, there were several times that audio of an argument between the ex-couple was shown in which Amber Heard can be heard admitting to beating Depp.

“I hit you, I didn’t hit you. You’re a fucking baby,” the actress says in the audio. Questioned in court, the actress said she had to “beat him” to defend herself.

“I should see how it was under the makeup”

After a week’s hiatus in the trial, Amber Heard returned to testify against Johnny Depp, recounting the couple’s last months of marriage.

Amber Heard showed photographs of the assault marks and swollen face, resulting from the couple’s latest argument, and revealed she had never been seen in public with the marks given her experience in covering up bruises with makeup.

“I’m not going to walk around LA with bruises on my face,” she said.

Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, asked Heard about the multiple photos taken in the days following the alleged assault, in which the actress appeared unmarked.

“I should see how it looked under the makeup,” she said, adding that she used ice to reduce swelling.

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