some people loved it Doctor Strange 2, others not so much. In this respect, it is undeniable that the film left some unexplained details. Therefore, this text brings 10 details that It’s impossible to understand in the movie. Keep reading to check it out!

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness It is controversial and it is a fact. To have many disappointed peoplefind the film confusing, with holes in the script, etc.

In any case, the success is there. The plot is already in the Top 10 biggest movie openings Of the history. only from Movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), he arrived between 4 biggest previews. In other words, everyone wants to watch it.

Whatever your level of love or hate for the film, Doctor Strange is the topic of the moment and, with this reading, you will be able to analyze the details better than the script I just left it in hand public.

(in)practical portals

In the opening scene, the Miss America It’s the Doctor Strange Defender were fleeing of this first monster, at the same time they were about to to pick up Vishanti’s book.

Both were disadvantaged the whole scene from beginning to end, but Strange decided give him the powers of America Chavez before the monster did.

If you remember correctly, a few scenes later she explained that the portals opened by themselves when she was very scared. So that means that this first threat was not enough?

Neither the monster nor Doctor Strange himself were threats? she went to drink a lot scared only at the end from the scene ?

the question is that one bee was enough for her open the portal for the first time. How did he not repeatedly open himself up putting his life in danger?

This convenience has been repeated on other occasions, for example, in the escape against the gorgesor anytime at Illuminati headquarters, or with Wanda…well, that one didn’t make any sense.

Wrap in Doctor Strange 2

In this first scene also something a little useless. how much time was needed for take away the powers of america?

In the first scene, there was an all-out rush, and when Doctor Strange decided it was best for Miss America’s powers to stay with him, it suggested that would get it fast, Is not it? The monster was there I couldn’t wait hours for this processwould be impractical.

It turns out that whenever the Wanda was going to get the powers from America, the process was too slow… slow enough for other things easier to interrupt. Have you noticed this too?

Also in terms of packaging, it doesn’t make too much sense all the time the characters stay “wait” Wanda arrives.

It happened in this hallway during the escape everyone stopped watch the drops fall until Wanda appears again. But everyone knew she would come! It made no sense for them to stand still and wait.

Another instance occurs shortly after, when Strange walks through the door to get the Vishanti book. What’s the point of not making him run and running away as fast as possible?

Incomplete family: where is the vision?

When Wanda dreamed of her children her and when she was in Kamar-Taj she told Doctor Strange that she dreamed about it every night, she used magic to show those dreams, remember? Everything is fine. But where is Vision????

Do you remember seeing Minimum vision reference within the multiverse families that Wanda dreamed of? Even his shadow was not seen. Why wasn’t he there? Somebody explain this one!

Inconvenient portals…again!

In addition to America, the mages also open portals, which everyone knows. However, during several scenes in the film, the wongthe Odd and even the bite wasted that magical ability (and it’s not even that hard, even Ned did it in No Return Home!).

In all escapes, it was possible for mages to open portals to other better places. Whether it’s running away from the bad guys, protecting America, or even reaching more strategic positions in the fights.

All could open a portal to anywhere of this world and flee Wanda – even temporarily – but at no time did they. And there?

Does magic work or not?

When Wong took Wanda to Wundagore, they came to a portal that was still far from the mountain. The Enchantress asked if he could not open a portal there and Wong replied, literally, that the his magic could only take them so far.

Okay, this information was accepted, meaning that there was something there that prevented him from using magic, even though he’s the Sorcerer Supreme, right? Whether it’s a mystical obstacle or a rule.

It turns out that at the end of the movie, Wong himself and Strange used magic on Wundagore Mountain to trap Wanda in a trap. What’s the point of it? Why couldn’t he at the beginning of the sequence and at the end of the film could he?

And speaking of what… the wong really need to have climbed the mountain when did it fall? Wouldn’t it be easier to open a portal or fly? Remembering that his spear is a magic itemhe used magic in any form there.

Flights in Doctor Strange 2

Speaking of stealing, in the hallway scene of Illuminati BuildingWanda came out as the girl exorcist behind Doctor Strange, from America and this universe’s Christine.

In this escape, until arriving at the door which led to Vishanti’s book, the Doctor Strange never flew. He was still running, as if he had no power to fly.

He didn’t even fly to see the book, he just jumped off like America and Christine did. Recalling that in comic books, America Chavez flies too.

“But she’s still discovering her powers,” you might say right now. So she understood multiversal travel, opening portals and did not discover the rest of the powers his?

She flies, has super strength, super speed…that is, she I already understood the power more complicated, but the movie pretty much ignored the simpler powers?

Even so, speaking of flight, the Strange not fly in several situations, it was also a bit crazy, wasn’t it?

America Chávez

Illuminati in Doctor Strange 2

And since the Illuminati was mentioned, it has details about them this too they didn’t make sense. Of course, the appearance of this group was one of the Strong points of the film – there is no doubt about it.

Turns out they were there for fan service only. Unlike the Spider-Man villains in the last movie, they had an active role, did the difference throughout history.

Here the Illuminati were used to demonstrate how much the Wanda was sinister and to speak: “they exist”. Did that make sense to anyone?

In case you have the Mr. Fantasticthe smartest guy in the world, who supposedly had the best chance of making a good decision, precisely he made the worst decision I could take at that time: chatting, chat with Wanda… it was clear that it would be useless.

The smartest one was the first to turn the ham by taking beginner attitude… it does not mean anything! And worse: Reed Richards therefull, being able to stretch… will you face Wanda in the slap?

more about it The Illuminati fight against Wandanor does it make much sense for her to take one by one. In a snap of the fingers I would do the combo and goodbye everyone. It would be easy for her.

Because she already had abandoned the idea of ​​being “within reason”. Incidentally, she only promised Doctor Strange this at first and if he returned America.

So, since the battle of Kamar-Taj, this story of being reasonable, of “Go Slowly”. There at the headquarters of the Illuminati, it made no sense for her to start well, talk and finish with one by one….

He had just arrived! She knew she would end up with everyone anyway, she was just wasting her time there with one at a time.

doctor strange 2 trailer


The strange went to the strange sinister behind the Darkhold and there they fought. It was noted that the two were on an equal footing.

Now the strange sinister been long corrupted by the Darkhold. He even took the book with him.

Simply put, Sinister was already corrupted by the Darkhold and when it was time to fight the “our” strange to is the fight balanced? How to explain this?

It would be more logical that the Foreign claim had in Wanda’s Level, Nope? By the way, speaking of the Sinister Stranger, does anyone know why? he died falling easily like that? No magic, no theft, he’s just dead.

Doctor Strange 2


At the end of Doctor Strange 2, when Wanda breaks free from the magic trap and grabs America, the Strange zombie defender been all screwed up there on the ground, could only talk.

Therefore, the America had to manage to manage with Wanda there. But right next to it was also Wong, and who remembers what he did? Anything.

He did not do anything ! He stood there watching the scene… As the Sorcerer Supreme see a critical situation like this and do not react? It does not mean anything.


At the end of the film, Wanda goes through a whole redemption bow realize harm she has caused.

As she was sorry, she decided to destroy this temple in Wundagore and end access to Darkhold magic once and for all. The first one question without definitive answer for now it is whether she survived or not.

But the most incomprehensible thing is that, shortly after, it is explained that Wanda destroy not only the stronghold of “our” universe, but all universes also. Such as? Has she traveled across the multiverse? So why spend the whole film behind America?

Or did they all crumble when Wundagore Mountain turned to dust? But how is this justified? Did she own all the other Wandas? Or did Chaos Magic over there in Wundagore take care of this on its own in the whole multiverse? There are questions (a lot!!!!!!!!).

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