12 Animations and Animations Coming to Netflix in 2022

THE netflix this is no joke and now promised several novelties for 2022. Just like in 2021, the company plans to release a new movie every week, exploring the different genres in its catalog. And that means there’s also room for plenty of animations to add to the deck.

From western animations to anime, with different art styles, the variety is great. In this spirit, the Canaltech has listed the 12 animations and anime that will be released on Netflix in 2022 for you to watch in the coming months.

12. Kotaro will live alone

Netflix’s first big bet in the world of animation in 2022 is Kotaro will live alone, a very nice anime and an explicit title. And if the idea of ​​someone leaving their parents’ house doesn’t attract enough attention, know that Kotaro is a small child of only 4 years old and it is precisely in this absurdity that the charm of the film lies. cartoon.

The plot is all centered on Kotaro, the child who begins to live alone in an apartment and who, from one match to another with his toy sword, begins to impact the lives of all his neighbors. From the failed entertainer to the neighborhood bad boys, everyone ends up being touched by the boy’s innocence (and precocious wisdom).

And best of all, the anime already has a date and is coming to Netflix on March 10.

11. Ultraman (Season 2)

One of the most classic Japanese series of all time has acquired a modernized manga version that has practically re-signified the image of ultraman. Forget the rubber doll from the 1960s, because the new version – which has already become an anime in the hands of Netflix – brings a much more current look and incredible action scenes, in addition to a very interesting story.

Anime’s great merit is in stitching together decades of series into one story in a very cohesive and interesting way. Of ultraman classic to Ultra Seven and Ultraman Tigathe animation pays a nice tribute to one of the most traditional Japanese productions while updating the concept and introducing it to a new audience.

And season 2 of ultraman hits Netflix on April 14, delving deeper into the clash between the various wielders of Ultraman’s powers and what threat they will truly face for the good of humanity.

10. Bubble

Of all the possible post-apocalyptic worlds, gravity-defying bubbles have certainly never been among the scenarios you’ve ever imagined. It is in this context that bubblea new Netflix anime that has a story that promises to mix action, mystery and that very oriental dose of romance.

All because in addition to the bubbles themselves, we have a whole gravitational anomaly in the world. And it is in the middle of this that we meet Hibiki, a young man without a family who has perfected the art of parkour by precisely using the new anomalous phenomenon to practice the sport. But one day, he ends up falling into the reality-distorting sea and is saved by Uta, a girl with mysterious powers.

From this unexpected encounter and the fact that they are the only ones who can hear a strange sound, their life will change as they are confronted with a revelation that could change the world.

Despite the crazy premise, it’s one of those cute movies that has an amazing crew behind it, including characters from Takeshi Obata (death threat) and music by Hiroyuki Sawana (The attack of the Titans).

bubble premieres on Netflix on April 28.

9. Apollo 10 and a Half: The Space Age Adventure

Ignore the awful national title and keep this beautiful art of rotoscoping (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

Leaving aside oriental productions, we have Apollo 10 and a half: a space adventurewhich is named after a bad 1980s comedy, but a very interesting premise.

It is a new look at the arrival of Man on the Moon in 1969 from two angles. On one side we have the astronaut and the whole crew of Nasa who accompanied the mission; on the other, a little boy who lives near the launch pad and has his own dreams.

Even more intriguing is knowing that this is a story based on the life of director and screenwriter Richard Linklater himself (childhood and Before midnight). Additionally, the film mixes animation and live action and paints a whole portrait of life in the United States in the late 1960s with social discussions and a healthy dose of adventure.

Apollo 10 and a Half: The Space Age Adventure Netflix has yet to set a release date.

8. Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro

The old story of the puppet who dreamed of being a real boy is already well known, but the version of Pinocchio imagined by Guillermo del Toro has a charm of its own that makes the film worthy of your curiosity.

For this, the director brings all his visual signature to the classic story and adds a musical touch that brings a completely different look at the journey of the puppet.

Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro arrives on Netflix in December 2022.

7. Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas

We don’t have any footage from the animation, but we do know Dave Bautista’s character will return (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

Netflix seems to have taken a liking to anime-style animations. did it with masters of the universe and also with The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. And in 2022, it’s the turn of another of his productions to receive a similar treatment: army of the dead.

Yes, the streaming will release an animated version of the zombie movie directed by Zack Snyder, showing very clearly how much he loved the universe created by the filmmaker. At the end, we already had a spin-off and the animation only completes this whole story.

lost las vegas will take place before the events of the original film, showing the fall of Las Vegas as a group of mercenaries attempt to evacuate the city as the undead begin to take over.

Actors of the feature film, such as Dave Bautista and Ella Purnell have already been confirmed in the cast, which still includes the participation of Joe Manganiello (Justice League). There just isn’t a date when the animation is coming to the service.

6. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

So far we only have one promo image for the anime and lots of cheers that the series is better than the game (Image: Handout/CD Projekt RED)

Based on the controversial CD Projekt Red game, Cyberpunk: Edge Runners promises to extend the story of this futuristic universe beyond video games.

The story will focus on a boy who tries to survive in a dystopian future by becoming an edgerunner, a kind of technological criminal. In all, there will be 10 episodes produced by Studio Trigger, responsible for kill her kill her and some episodes of Star Wars: Visions.

There are no release date details, but the mere idea of ​​having more of this futuristic setting is quite interesting. The game was rated poorly due to its various production issues, but the world creation is definitely not one of those errors.

Cyberpunk: Edge Runners Netflix has yet to set a release date.

5. Return home

Another cute anime made to make you cry. After all, who has never felt nostalgia for their own childhood, even more so when the last vestige of materiality in that memory is about to disappear?

Well, that’s what the journey of Kosuke and Natsume, two childhood friends who grew apart from each other, revolves around. One day, during the summer holidays, they go to a city that is going to be demolished, and they find several memories.

But while they’re playing, a strange phenomenon takes them to what seems like another world – a world where this old condo has become a vast ocean. And from the search for a way back home, the two are faced with a journey of farewell.

Drift home premieres in 2022 on Netflix, but still no date set.

4. Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 (Season 2)

One of the greatest classics of cyberpunk fiction recently returned in a new version with Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045 – and now the time has come to see the rest of this story. The new season promises to expand Motoko’s hunt for cybercriminals while continuing her war against organized crime.

There isn’t much information about the anime, just that it will air in May 2022.

3. My Father’s Dragon

The animation is based on a children’s book and will be produced by Cartoon Saloon staff (Image: Disclosure/Cartoon Saloon)

Based on an award-winning children’s book, My Father’s Dragon tells the story of a boy who struggles to move to a new town with his mother. Not accepting the new reality very well, Elmer runs away from home in search of the Savage Island and eventually comes across a dragon, whom he befriends.

From there, the animated film focuses on the adventures of the duo while developing this unusual friendship.

My Father’s Dragon There is still no exact release date on Netflix.

2. Wendell and Wild

Stop motion animation brings the irreverent touch of Jordan Peele (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

Jordan Peele has a full schedule in 2022. Besides being ahead of Nope! Do not look!, the filmmaker also produces, writes and plays in Wendell and savagean animated tale of demonic brothers played by Keegan-Michael Key (Hotel Transylvania) and Peele himself.

And the duo has the help of Kat Elliot, a teenage girl who ends up bringing the main characters to the Land of the Living. Thus, the stop motion animation shows the curious adventure of the group.

Wendell and savage It has a premiere scheduled for 2022 on Netflix, but still no date set.

1. The Seven Deadly Sins: Edinburgh Furies – Part 1

Based on the popular Netflix anime, The Seven Deadly Sins: Edinburgh Furies – Part 1 is a feature film that functions as a spin-off of the main plot and will be divided into two parts, focusing on the story of Tristan, son of the protagonists of The seven deadly sinsMeliodas and Elizabeth.

So we have this protagonist inheriting the power of the Goddess Clan and can heal people’s wounds, but often ends up hurting others due to his inability to control his Demon Clan power. To protect his family, Tristan travels to Edinburgh Castle and meets new friends along the way.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Edinburgh Furies premieres on Netflix in 2022, date TBD.

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