5 romance movies on Netflix that are as good as the books that inspired them

Kerry Brown/Netflix

Yes, there are silly romantic comedies. There are also smart romantic comedies. There are love dramas that move and sensitize the hardest of hearts, but there are also those that are so sweet with sugar that they are best not commented on. In this list, Revista Bula proves two things to unbelievers: that there are good love stories out there and that some movies can, yes, be as good as the books that inspired them. So prepare your brain and your heart for these productions. Highlights of this selection for “The Literary Society and the Potato Peel Pie”, 2018, by Mike Newell; “If Beale Street Could Talk”, 2018, by Barry Jenkins; and “Chame Pelo Seu Nome”, from 2017, by Luca Guadagnino. The titles available on Netflix are organized according to the year of release and do not follow classification criteria.

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