7 cartoons from the 1990s and 2000s to watch on Disney+

The catalog of Disney+ It is full of possibilities for the whole family. There you can watch the latest Disney Plus releases, both from Marvel and Star Wars, for example, in addition to checking out the original series on the platform.

Along with all these novelties, the public can also have a nostalgia session, since the catalog also offers very interesting designs that marked the childhood of many people.

That’s why, in this list of recommendations, we’ve selected cartoons that were very successful between the 1990s and 2000s to kill the nostalgia. do not stop subscribe to Disney Plus right now.


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Initially, the Doug Funnie cartoon was part of Nickelodeon, but it was soon transferred to Disney, totaling seven seasons. However, on Disney+, only the last three seasons are available.

In the plot, the audience follows the misadventures of the titular protagonist, who is 12 years old and lives with his parents and their dog Ribeye in the town of Bluffington. As the episodes progress, viewers can delve deeper into their daily life between friends and rivals.

Kim possible

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The opening song of Kim possible it has been immortalized in the minds of many people over the years.

The cartoon, with four seasons available on Disney+, tells the story of a seemingly normal high school girl who works as a federal agent and has to fight crime in her spare time.

Of course, Kim works with a few allies, including her pet, a geek friend from school, and other sidekicks.


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The success of the film about the Greco-Roman hero Hercules was such that Disney soon commissioned an animated series to continue telling his story. The new production, launched in 1998, produced 65 episodes and all of them can be watched directly on Disney Plus.

Right from the start, audiences can follow more of the characters and adventures of the titular protagonist, who has spent years training to become a great hero and now has increasingly dangerous missions to accomplish.

Timon and Pumbaa

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One animation that will land Disney Plus on its list of favorite streams is the Timon and Pumbaa animated series spin-off from a hit feature film. The Lion King (1994).

With three seasons full of adventures and hilarious characters, the production follows the protagonists on their journeys through different countries, in which they face enormous dangers and challenges. However, the two have a lot of conversation and willpower, which guarantees good fun for the spectators.

101 Dalmatians

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After the success of the 1996 film, the characters of 101 Dalmatians became known to the general public. For this reason, the producers decided to extend the misadventures of these charismatic animals in an animated series, released in 1997.

Over 65 episodes, viewers can watch more of villainous Cruela DeVil’s evil plans and enjoy the antics of the most gripping Dalmatians on TV.

recess time

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It’s not one of the latest Disney Plus releases, but recess time marked in the minds of many people who followed this animated series in the early 2000s on Brazilian broadcasters.

With cartoon characters and many layers, the plot is aimed at a group of students from Third Street, a school with many rules and curious elements. Despite this, they all come together to create their own system and thus live with more autonomy in the establishment, especially as recess approaches.

Phineas and Ferb

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And to close the list, a cartoon full of questionable characters and hilarious situations. Launched in 2007, the production tells the story of two brothers, Phineas and Ferb, who promote their own inventions in their backyard. However, they all end up getting the attention of the whole town, which angers her older sister Candace.

Besides these problems, there is also Perry the Platypus, a mascot of the duo who works as a secret agent and who is in charge of thwarting all the traps of the evil Doofenshmirtz.

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