7 new series to know and watch in 2022

After the pause of countless series and the closure of cinemas during the two years of the pandemic – and counting -, audiovisual productions have finally returned with everything in 2022. Since the beginning of the year, many heavy titles have been launched, like Break, from Apple TV+, Deputy Tokyo, from HBO Max, and inventing Anna, from Netflix.

Amid so many releases, it’s common for some great series to go unnoticed in the streaming catalog. Check out some new shows to watch in 2022 below.

Unknown series to watch in 2022

7. The Time Traveler’s Wife

Based on the book of the same name, the series follows a couple who have to deal with an unusual problem: they travel through time and must reconcile their “condition” with living alongside their beloved.

Theo James (Divergent) and Rose Leslie (Game Of Thrones) star in the production. In addition to them, the cast also includes Natasha Lopez and Desmin Borges. Directed by David Nutter (Game of Thrones) and screenplay by Steven Moffat (Doctor Who).

Where to watch: starting May 15 on HBO Max.

6. illuminated

Starring Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Moura, the series is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Lauren Beukes. The cast also includes Jaime Bell, Wagner Moura, Phillipa Soo and Amy Brenneman.

“After years of living in an unstable reality following a brutal attack, Kirby Mazrachi discovers that a recent murder is linked to her attacker. She teams up with veteran journalist Dan Velazquez to understand her changing present and confront her past.”

Where to watch: AppleTV+.

5. The scale

The Ladder is HBO’s new true crime series. The plot is based on a true story and follows a famous writer accused of murdering his wife. “She was found dead in a pool of blood at the top of the stairs of her home in December 2001,” reads the official synopsis.

The production has a solid cast, including Colin Firth and Toni Colette in the lead roles.

Where to watch: HBOMax.

4. The Essex Serpent

When Cora Seaborne’s (Claire Danes) overbearing husband dies, she leaves London for a visit to the Essex coast, accompanied by her son, Francis. There he learns of a rumor of a fearsome creature killing the villagers.

Believing it to be an undiscovered species, Cora begins an investigation and is introduced to the local vicar, William Ransome (Tom Hiddleston), who believes the rumors are caused by a moral panic, a flight from true belief . Completely opposed, the two will live an improbable romance.

Where to watch: from May 13 on Apple TV+.

3. The 7 lives of Léa

The new French series from Netflix follows Lea, a girl who, after finding the corpse of a young man, wakes up in the 1990s and changes her body seven times to solve the mystery of his death – and tries to stop him. .

Where to watch: Netflix.

of them. The baby

“The miniseries follows Natasha, who is furious that all her friends are having children. But when she unexpectedly finds herself with her own baby, her life changes dramatically. The child’s unexpected arrival transforms Natasha’s life. into a horror spectacle, since the baby is control and manipulation. While discovering the true extent of the creature’s deadly nature, Natasha desperately tries to shake it off,” reads the official synopsis.

According to HBO, the production should give a dark reflection on motherhood. The production is directed by Faraz Shariat and scripted by Anchuli Felicia King.

Where to watch: HBOMax.

1. Conversations with friends

Based on the novel of the same name by Irish author Sally Rooney (Normal People), the series follows Frances, a 21-year-old struggling with new relationships. While attending a poetry circle, she and Bobbi, her ex-girlfriend and now best friend, meet Melissa. The new friendship will open up a new world for both of them, allowing them to create new experiences.

Where to watch: starting May 15 on HBO Max.

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