8 cartoons for children with extremely dark episodes

It’s not strange that millennials are so traumatized by everything we’ve seen in cartoons.

Are the cartoons reserved for the children of the house? There are those who believe it. However, anyone who grew up in the 90s knows that couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are several models like Spongebob and The Powerpuff Girls with some episodes too dark to be considered childish. An example is when Bubbles, Sweetie and Blossom’s sister explodes and dies. To remember? Check out other episodes where things like this happened:

Squidward goes to “purgatory”

Many things were strange in Sponge Bob SquarePants, like the bonfires they might light on the bottom of the sea. But what’s really disturbing is when Squidward is frozen for 2,000 years in the Krusty Krab’s refrigerator, then begins time-traveling to until he finds himself in an existential void that makes him miss his annoying neighbor. The episode is called “SB-129” and is the 14th in the show’s first season, available on Paramount+.

Rabbit in The Powerpuff Girls

Even the bad guys weren’t as disturbing as when The Powerpuff Girls they had a sister named Bunny. The new member was a misfit, and was born from different ingredients than those that created Lindinha, Docinho, and Florzinha. She appears in the episode “Sister”, the 11 of the second season, which is available on HBO Max.

Adventure Time’s Strange Moose

adventure time also has its disturbing parts, most notably the season three episode “Nobody Hears You,” a definitive demonstration of the show’s ability to terrorize when it wants to. During an incident with a rather invasive moose, Jake sustains a head injury, while Finn is knocked unconscious. After waking up in the hospital with two broken legs, Finn inspects the Candy Kingdom, only to find it oddly abandoned. The animation is also available on HBO Max.

The anguish of courage

Courage the cowardly dog, also had its awkward moments. In the season four episode “Perfect”, Courage’s owner questions the dog about his inability to handle certain household chores. These comments shock him as he imagines a strict old-school teacher trying to make him perfect. The cartoon can be seen on HBO Max.

The Legend of Korra Turns Deadly

The Legend of Korra is a spin-off set 70 years later avatar. The series follows Korra, Aang’s successor, who in the first season faces off against two bloodbenders. They end in a shocking and unusual death for the Nickelodeon series as they perish in an explosion. You can watch the show on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Creepy artificial intelligence in Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls It’s not the most normal cartoon, and one of the weirdest episodes is when the protagonists’ friend, Soos Ramirez, falls in love with a toxic girlfriend who’s part of a terrifying artificial intelligence. . The drawing is available on Disney+.

Du turns into a monster

The episodes of Dudu, Dudu and Ed are usually a bunch of funny jokes and jokes. However, the episode titled “The Day Du Stopped” in season three also features a bit of horror. Du transforms into a monster and slowly grabs each of the children and pins them to the walls, as if it were a deleted scene from Alien. The cartoon is available to HBO Max subscribers.

Batgirl dies in her father’s arms

We all know the story of Barbara Gordon in Batman, but her death in Batman: The Animated Series It can be quite a trauma. It all starts with Batgirl falling from the building after being knocked down by the Scarecrow. She crashes into a police car, which ends up being driven by Commissioner Jim Gordon, her father. Commissioner Gordon takes off his mask and finds out the truth after calling him “Dad”. This is the 12th episode of the third season, available on HBO Max.

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