A BOLA – News and the transfer market under discussion (10:00 p.m.) (A BOLA TV)

This Sunday, July 3, you can see on your A BOLA TV (channel 13 do Meo, 31 from Vodafone and 64 from NOWO) …

João José Pires, editorial coordinator, presents A SUNDAY BALL, a program where the news of FC Porto, Sporting and Benfca will be on the table, in addition to the current situation on the national and international transfer market in turmoil. Two hours where football is king and will be discussed by those who know: Fernando Guerra, Jorge Castelo and Júlio António, commentators A BOLA TV. To not lose !

João José Pires with Fernando Guerra and José Caetano at BOLA DAS SETE (7 p.m.)

THE BALL AT 7information space of THERE WAS TV broadcast from 7:00 p.m., to discuss all the news of national and international football. With a presentation by journalist João José Pires, THE BALL AT 7 will feature commentary and analysis by journalists Fernando Guerra and José Caetano. Already THE AFTERNOON BALL is presented by João José Pires with the participation of José Caetano.

H. Skates: Benfica-Sporting play in the final of the Portuguese Women’s Cup (3:00 p.m.)

A BOLA TV transmit, in DIRECT, this Sunday (3:00 p.m.) the final of the Portuguese Women’s Roller Hockey Cup, which opposes Benfica and Sporting, at the Leonel Fernandes municipal pavilion, in Seixal. In the semi-finals, Benfica won Campo de Ourique, by 9-3, while the lionesses beat Vila Boa do Bispo… by 19-0. Recall that the first edition took place in 1992 and was won by Alfena. Benfica is the current holder of this trophy and has won the most titles with CD Nortecoope, both with 7.

BEACH VOLLEYBALL: End of the Porto stage LIVE (5:30 p.m.)

Another Beach Volleyball Final Deserving Broadcast Honors DIRECT n / A THERE WAS TV. This time it’s the men’s final of stage 1 of the men’s national championship. The competition consists of five stages, divided between the sands of Porto, Espinho, Freixo de Espada in Cinta, Portimão and Cortegaça.

TT MAGAZINE in PREMIERE (10:30 a.m.)

In the middle of the summer season and competitions are becoming rarer, it’s time to revisit past sports days. In this edition we go to Baja de Aragon which takes place regularly at the end of July. The 2021 edition was won by Nasser Al-Attiyah at the controls of a Toyota Overdrive after a fantastic duel with Sébastian Loeb. Tiago Reis finished 4th, seconds off the podium, in a World Cup race with three other Portuguese in the Top 10.

Behind the scenes of F1 starts at 12:25 p.m.

In this episode, we focus on McLaren driver Lando Norris, whose rise in the team has been smooth, continuing to outperform fellow driver Daniel Ricciardo. We watched Williams from the back of the grid and the online scandals. We also provide a preview of the British Grand Prix and a summary of the latest news, inside and outside the paddock.

Lousada in PREMIERE at MOTORS (1:25 p.m.)

This week in Motores, rallycross in Lousada, the second stage of the New Energy Championship in Oeiras and the Montelongo Rally, from the Start Norte de Ralis.

Stories from WORLD LEGENDS (21:30)

All the great stories, triumphs, players and top teams throughout the FIFA World Cups, in a series that brings together the best of all World Cup editions.

Hamilton and Serena and BLACK POWER (00:00)

The contribution of black athletes in sport at a time when the world is more attentive than ever to racial issues. Powerful stories of modern heroes emerging in BLACKPOWER like Lewis Hamilton or Serena Williams, but also pioneers like Jesse Owen or remarkable events marked by recent movements like Black Lives Matter, which have had a huge impact on sport and society.

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