ADEXO reinforces the need for a holistic and equitable response in the treatment of obesity

May 21, 2022 – National Obesity Day

Lisbon, May 20, 2022 – To mark the National Day Against Obesity, ADEXO – Association of Obese and Ex-Obese Patients of Portugal will perform, next Saturday, May 21 – under the motto “Recalibrate the scale” – organize an event to reinforce the need for a holistic and equitable response in the treatment of obesity. This initiative will begin at 10 am, at the Paços do Concelho Auditorium of the Municipality of Odivelas.
According to the World Health Organization, obesity represents an increased risk of several comorbidities: in addition to increasing the risk of death from Covid-19, it is responsible for 80% of type 2 diabetes cases, 35% cases of ischemic heart disease. , 55% of hypertension cases and 40% of cancer cases in Europe. Added to this list is the economic impact that this disease has: in In Portugal, the direct cost of overweight and obesity has been estimated at around €1.2 billion, or around 0.6% of GDP and 6% of health expenditure, according to a study prepared by the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine Studies (CEMBE) of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon and by the consultant Evigrade-IQVIA. The obesity-related diseases that contribute the most to the €1.2 billion in direct healthcare costs are diabetes, stroke, ischemic heart disease and chronic kidney disease, so prioritizing the treatment of obesity obesity will reduce these costs.
under the motto “Recalibrate the scale”, ADEXO intends, through this event, to reinforce the need for a more global management of Obesity, based on 5 priority areas: recalibrate the approach, promote a holistic and dignified approach in the management of Obesity ; recalibrate medical training, with an emphasis on mobilizing resources for specialized training; recalibrating the role of health care, through the creation of a consultation program on obesity in primary health care; recalibrate the treatment of Obesity, with the reimbursement of drugs for the treatment of Obesity; and recalibrate public perception, creating mechanisms to eliminate stigma and discrimination.
Carlos Oliveira, President of ADEXO, says that “There is an urgent need for us to move from policy to action and this must become the motto for changing the pattern of approach to the treatment and costs of obesity in our country, if we are to fight this pandemic effectively”.
The event includes, among other activities, the holding of a round table, under the theme “Recalibrate…”, in which the President of the Portuguese Society for the Study of Obesity, José Silva Nunes, will talk about the need to recalibrate the approach to Obesity. Joining this debate will also be the Secretary General of the Portuguese Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Mafalda Marcelino, who will discuss the importance of recalibrating primary health care, and the President of ADEXO, Carlos Oliveira, whose reflection will focus on the relevance of recalibrating the treatment of Obesity.
The launch of the campaign is also an integral part of the event. “1000 books, 1000 schools” that ADEXO will carry out, in partnership with APCOI – Portuguese Association against Childhood Obesity and the Ministry of Education, and in which they intend to reach 1000 schools in mainland Portugal 1000 “O Esconderijo” books, a work literature that addresses the relationship between intimidation and childhood obesity and whose objective is to raise awareness in the school community, parents and the population in general of a very present reality in Portugal.
According to APCOI data, 65% of obese children in Portugal suffer from intimidation at school. Insults, nicknames and inappropriate remarks are among the main acts of discrimination against overweight children, aged 6 to 14 years. The book tells the story of a boy and a girl, both victims of intimidation of their peers and how they manage to overcome it with the support of a teacher.
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About the Association of Obese and Ex-Obese Patients (ADEXO)
ADEXO is an association of obese and ex-obese patients which was created to guarantee the rights of its members to care and insurance, to support them at different levels, to fight against the discrimination they face and to work in the field of prevention. , in particular by level of children and young people.
ADEXO works so that obesity is considered as a disease and so that the obese patient has conditions worthy of treatment and is not a discriminated citizen in his own country. We need the support of all of you so that we can achieve concrete results for the benefit of all and cumulatively for the country.


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