AHA: new guideline on the management of hemorrhagic strokes (CVAs) [podcast]

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The term hemorrhagic stroke (CVA) encompasses different entities, such as spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage. Although they represent 10% of all stroke types, strokes have a higher mortality rate than ischemic strokes, reaching 40%.

Thus, adequate initial care, with clear goals, is essential to support this critically ill patient. The four initial pillars of the approach are: control of blood pressure, reversal of coagulopathy, evaluation of intracranial hypertension and investigation of systemic complications.

In this episode, Dr. Vinicius Zofoli, editor-in-chief of the PEBMED portal, talks about the initial approach to AVCh, commenting on recent updates to the American Heart Association on the subject.

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In this episode you will hear about:

  • Manifestations and diagnosis of stroke
  • What is the goal of blood pressure control in stroke?
  • Reversal of coagulopathy and treatment of complications
  • Finding the underlying cause

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