Alexandra Lencastre says she lost a son. “I lived the mourning alone”

AAlexandra Lencastre said on CIS’ “Alta Definition” that in her second pregnancy she was expecting twins, a boy and a girl. However, the boy “does not evolve” and only saw the birth of his daughter, Catarina.

A subject he “never shared with anyone, especially in public”, as he mentioned in a conversation with Daniel Oliveira.

When I was pregnant with my daughter Catarina, my second child, I was pregnant with twins. And one of the twins, who was a boy, did not evolve. We therefore knew very early that the other child would not be born and we lived through a risky pregnancy, fearing that Catarina would not survive either.he called back.

“My doctor told me that I couldn’t walk, that I couldn’t run, that I couldn’t hold Margarida in my arms… But I couldn’t be depressed either, because otherwise the child who was going to be born would be a sad child. “You have to love this child who is coming,” he recalls, taking up the doctor’s words.

“And I said, ‘So how does the doctor suggest I do this balance? “And she looked down and said, ‘My darling, this balance is life. And is! How to live, to laugh, to love, to cry, to work, to have disappointments, to continue, to have joys, to win, to have prizes, knowing that one day we will die…? It’s keeping the balance“, he added, referring later that it ended with “cry a little alone“.

Because others, as it was very early, quickly chose to want to erase this subject a little from their memory and to focus on the baby who was coming, and who was going to bring us happiness. But I experienced this grief very much alone, and I still live because I loved having three children. I always say three is the count that God made, and I wish I had that kid. And I miss that son, that masculine energy. I’ve missed having this boy all my life, but that’s life and we have to accept it.“, he confessed.

“For some reason he didn’t come, he will come in another life or he will be the son of one of my daughters. But there was a phase that was complicated and that I may not have known, in the first days, to be so cute with my newborn daughter.. Then everything works out and today I give her so many kisses that she even falls ill“, he finished.

Still in conversation with Daniel Oliveira, she said that “it hurts to let her daughters fly”, also sharing that she “regrets” certain things as a mother, highlighting how “tough” she was on her daughters when they were children.

The actress recalls that she was preparing her daughters and that she was “demanding” in the posture of a lunch, for example. “They were less happy and less spontaneous children because of it. And I don’t remember being so hard on them. There I failed a lot as a mother, so I apologize to my daughters, Margarida and Catarina“, these.

Additionally, he highlighted the support of his daughters when he decided to leave TVI and move to CIS.

The great passions of Alexandra Lencastre’s life

The short marriage with Virgílio Castelo was also highlighted during the interview. “I had an overflowing passion for Virgílio Castelo, the poor thing. I made his life hell. He was in a phase of liberation in his life, he had divorced, he had a little girl, he wanted to go out, dance, travel, and I wanted to get married, have children. So he couldn’t see me in front anymore, but I was so in love that I couldn’t let go. And I married him. But we broke up a year later and became great friends. Today we are great friends“, he pointed out.

Speaking about her marriage to Piet-Hein Bakker, she said the TV producer was “the great love of her life”. “It was a very blessed love and that’s why Margarida and Catarina were born“.

The desire to reconnect and the milestone of 50 years

Alexandra confesses that if she could, she would become a mother again and would like to remarry. “But maybe I won’t remarry, I can share the space“.

Throughout the interview, he also pointed out that “has learned to thank and is no longer the Alexandra who did not know how to thank“.

And how does it feel to be Alexandra Lancaster? “He’s a difficult person. I change my mood quickly, easily, it can be uncomfortable. Maybe I isolated myself a bit because of that.”

I established my priorities and the four pillars, the job, the family, the money (you have to pay the bills, so it’s important to have this part stabilized too), the personal life that I don’t have love life right now, but I have friends. And these pillars are, in fact, very important. And when I want to keep those pillars completely solid, maybe I’m not creating much more space to be that Alexandra again in her 20s and 30s who went out a lot, laughed a lot, played a lot, was dumber. There are people who miss that Alexandra, but it was also a bit tiring,” he replied.

The 56-year-old actress also admitted that “declined with age“. “I think the 60s score more on men, the 50s more on women. It is from the age of 50 that a great revolution takes place in our heads. We started to see the finitude very well, how much time I have left,” he said.

“We are starting to realize that we have slammed everywhere and that the body no longer responds with the same energy, the same vitality. We get angry because we waste a lot of time complaining when we could do things and we were happier, and now we want to do it and sometimes we don’t have the strength anymore“, he added.

And how is life for Alexandra Lencastre when the door closes?Sometimes it’s not easy. Sometimes I don’t feel like going home. But that doesn’t mean that I’m depressed, that means that right now maybe I’m lacking in stimuli and that I’m a bit lazy.”

I come home and the house is empty. I prepared this house to be a family house and my daughters rooms are empty, my parents room is empty, my brother’s room is empty, my room is empty and the house is empty. And I don’t talk anymore unless I’m talking on the phone. And sometimes I hate home and I don’t have the energy to leave the house“, He shared.

On the nights she stays awake, she admits, “sometimes it crosses her mind to give up, other times it crosses her mind to present huge projects [a Daniel Oliveira]”. “A lot of things go through my mind. It crosses my mind to say a lot of things that I still have to say to so many people,” he said.

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