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The month of April has arrived, and with it the new releases available on streaming services. As per usual, Disney+ revealed a list of its releases for the fourth month of 2022. And as expected, one of the biggest highlights will be the weekly episodes of “Knight of the Moon”in addition to the film “Introducing Nate” and the series of short films “Ice Age: The Adventures of Scrat”.

On the first day of the month, the platform will have the release of “Introducing Nate”, an original film starring Rueby Wood. In the plot, teenager Nate Foster dreams of performing on Broadway, but doesn’t even get the role in a school play. The plot is inspired by Tim Federle’s book.

April will also see the premiere of “Ice Age: The Adventures of Scrat”, a series of animated shorts that show the franchise’s most famous squirrel having to take care of a baby, in addition to fighting for its nut.

“From Sketch to Reality” takes a behind-the-scenes look at the work of Walt Disney Animation Studios artists. Each episode features animators and other professionals revealing the creative processes behind the company’s iconic characters.

We also highlight the premiere of “The Dropout: The Story of a Fraud,” the true story of a woman, Elizabeth Holmes (played by Amanda Seyfried), who became one of Silicon Valley’s most infamous CEOs. .

Besides theseDisney+ subscribers will be able to enjoy new episodes of “Moon Knight”, a series from Marvel Studios that introduces Oscar Isaac’s hero to the MCU;“Spidey and His Amazing Friends” and the new version of “The Wonder Years”. Check out the full list of April releases below:


  • Apr/06 The Hardy Boys – Seasons 1 and 2
  • Apr/06 The Secret Life of Predators – Season 1
  • Apr/06 Untangling Central America – Season 1
  • Apr/06 Learn from Disney Junior – Season 1
  • April 13 The incredible territory of Scandinavia – Season 1
  • April 13 Ice Age: Adventures of Scrat – Season 1
  • April 20 Wonder Years – Season 1
  • April 20 Club Mickey Mouse (Malaysia) – Season 4
  • April 27 From sketch to reality – Season 1

New episodes and seasons

  • Apr/06 Moon Knight – T1:E2
  • Apr/06 The Radical Family: Bigger and Better – T1:E8
  • Apr/06 Bluey – Season 3
  • April 13 Lunar Knight – T1:E3
  • April 13 The Radical Family: Bigger and Better – T1:E9
  • April 13 Fantasy Nancy Clancy – Season 3
  • April 13 Extreme Flavors with Gordon Ramsay – Seasons 2 and 3
  • April 13 Canine Rehabilitation – Season 2
  • April 20 Lunar Knight – T1:E4
  • April 20 The Radical Family: Bigger and Better – S1:E10 (Season Finale)
  • April 20 Spidey and his spectacular friends – New episodes
  • April 27 Lunar Knight – T1:E5
  • April 27 Secrets in Sulfur Springs – Season 2


  • Apr/01 Introducing Nate (2022)
  • Apr/01 The Call of the Wild (2020)
  • Apr/01 The strangest girl in the world (2021)
  • April/08 100% Coconut (2017)
  • April/08 The Bull Ferdinand (2017)
  • April 15 The Legend of Mor’du – Short (2012)
  • April 22 The Polar Bear (2022)
  • April 29 Gnomeo and Juliet (2011)


  • Apr/01 Black Panther: The Savage Kingdom (2020)
  • April/08 Lost Graves (2020)
  • April/08 Portugal: extreme ecosystems (2020)
  • April 15 The Discoveries of Bob Ballard (2021)
  • April 15 India: Land of Leopards (2020)
  • April 15 Return to the Titanic (2020)
  • April 20 Mysteries of Antiquity with Albert Lin: The Deluge (2021)
  • April 22 On the way to the polar bear (2022)
  • April 22 Little Big Farm: The Return (2022)
  • April 22 Explorer: Tepuis (2022)

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