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Currently the internet is full of busy Internet users and shorter and shorter content. In this sense, it is not surprising that short films and anthologies have become popular in netflix – and others. As a result, your subscribers are already impatiently awaiting a 4th volume or a 4th season of Love, death and robots.

Initially, the series led by the acclaimed director duo, David Fincher and Tim Millerwas conceived as a film adaptation of the comic book – also anthological and science fiction – Death Metal (original name Screaming metal). However, the rights and the studios did not cooperate with the idea which emerged in 2008. Fortunately, after much perseverance, the kick came 11 years later, exceptionally in streaming.

Therefore, the success that mixes black mirror with animator(2003) went down well with people. So come with us Streaming Brazil, and discover everything we know about volume 4 or season 4 of Love, death and robots to netflix!

THE 4th season in Love, death and robots already official?

(play credits: Netflix)

In summary, unfortunately no, the Volume 4 not yet confirmed by netflix and responsible. However, the series is far from this dreaded “wave of cancellations” of the platform. Since each of the 3 volumes released there has been a lot of buzz and repercussion. So a renewal announcement should be coming soon, we just don’t know when yet.

Meanwhile, worried fans hyping up the 4th season of Love, death and robots You might even end up being surprised. Formerly co-creator of the series, David Fincherhas already expressed its support for the expansion/diversification of the brand in netflix. Watch:

“We have [falado sobre expandir certas histórias]. In fact, I can see a world where there would be an LDR movie. But now we don’t want to run yet, just walk. […] I also like the idea of ​​doing a 30 or 40 minute episode, yes I think that covers everything [a categoria ‘curtas’].”fincher recently commented on collider.

When does the 4th season in Love, death and robots to netflix?

Logo and character from the Season 4 shorts of
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Regarding his first prediction, the Volume 4 shouldn’t be coming anytime soon, because – even though it has few episodes and the fact that they’re short – there are a lot of studios and people involved in the process.

Moreover, the pandemic factor does not collaborate in favor of speed either. Therefore, unless the batch is in production before the 3rd and current vol. (as was the case with himself), it’s unlikely we’ll see any new episodes until 2024. Still not sure why? Better understand :

“I would like Love, Death & Robots season 4 and all the others to have between 18 and 22 episodes. Likewise, I would like to have them delivered in about a year. But the reality is just as expensive as the series, and I’m sure at Netflix they’re probably thinking “how long can we do this?”David Fincher revealed to collider.

“We still have a lot of people killing each other, not for free, but for much less. After all, this series is a labor of love. Volume 3 is for about 1,300 people. For example, “Bad Trip” [meu episódio] it took 18 months, maybe even 2 years. On the other hand, ‘Jibaro’ [no Brasil, ‘Fazendeiro’] I imagine it was more because it came from a small team of 75-80 people. – continued.

Which are short to Volume 4?

Logo of the short films of the 4th season of
(play credits: Netflix)

There is currently no episode, director and studio confirmation for season 4 of Love, death and robots. However, a maximum of 10 shorts can be expected, with the return of several contributors such as blur studio (created by himself David Fincher) and the introduction of other newcomers (rising promises in the industry).

This time we know the Volume 4 could provide sequels to previous shorts – as we saw in the 3rd and current vol., with the return of John Scalzidirector of the two episodes the three robots. In this regard, the director Jennifer Yu Nelsonexplained the reason for the decision in an interview:

“I don’t think we’ve ever approached Love, Death & Robots with ‘let’s sequel’. It’s not like that. But those characters fell in love with people and we worked with John on many of our stories. Besides, he also liked those three. So he was like, ‘I wish we could do something more with them.’ So he came up with different scenarios of what we could do.Nelson say it Screen Rant.

Finally, it should be noted – for the few who no longer know – that, curiously, the episodes of the series do not have a pre-established order in their exposition. That is, they are arranged for users in “random” orders (via netflix). Therefore, fans are already fantasizing how surprised they will be in the 4th season of Love, death and robots. Until then, revise!

Opening and intro with logo of the short films of the 4th season of

A cast stellar in Volume 4

Casting of the short films of the 4th season of
(play credits: Netflix)

Finally, the next episodes of the series should bring back the already usual panoply of talents.

Since, in the same way as Zack Snyder and james cameron were invited to the show, stars of Hollywood and voice actors – like Nolan North – are also mandatory. including, with Michael B. Jordan asked to be part of 2nd volume.

shorts in Matrix and Batman

(reproduction credits: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Also, to those who want more from the formula than the 4th season of Love, death and robots yet to bring us back, we have three geeky escape tips.

First of all, with the already mentioned and even great inspiration from the series of netflixthe anthology with nine short films from the universe of Matrix: animator (2003). In short, available on HBO Max in a 1 hour and 40 minute build. Oh, and it’s all hot! Watch:

Secondly, it is interesting for comic book and superhero fans to discover: Batman: Gotham Knight (2008). This is also available on HBO Max and compiled as a movie, bringing together six canonical shorts in the trilogy of Christopher Nolan.

Also, for those who prefer the convenience of staying in netflixwe also have his three original short films from The House (2022).

In summary, which bring rats as inhabitants of the same strange house, however, in parallel realities. Here, in this “film” of 1h37, we have stop-motion as animation.

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