Almodóvar is one of the few to have seen this controversial Netflix film stored away for years – and his reaction surprises

The Spanish director described as “fantastic” the production which puts Ana de Armas in the skin of Marilyn Monroe.

Netflix has been cooking for a while blondmovie directed by Andre Dominique and featuring Ana de Armas. Initially, it would see the light of day in June 2021, but, almost a year later, there is no release date. along the way, Rumors have surfaced of overly explicit sex scenes and disagreements with the streaming giant – all denied by the director himself. It turns out that a select few have already seen the feature, and the first reaction comes from none other than Pedro Almodovar.

The plot is based on the novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oateswhich reinvents the life of Norma Jeane – better known as Marilyn Monroe – and his rise to worldwide fame. The writer has always stressed that her work is fiction and should not be considered a biography, but it was her fascination with the Hollywood star that led her to write 738 pages. Therefore, the reader has the feeling of following something real, which is reinforced in Dominik’s film adaptation.

Blonde: Ana de Armas would be “scandalously good” in the new (and sexually controversial) film from Netflix

In your column in the newspaper The diarydescribed Almodovar blond as “fantastic”, praising not only Dominik’s work, but also the performance of Ana de Armas – whom he considers a “frighteningly real” Marilyn. However, a precise moment of the film does not leave the head of the Spanish scenario writer. “There is a continuation (not to say disappear from the final cut) of the harassment she suffered from President JFK [John F. Kennedy]. The sequel is self-explanatory enough to make you rebuff Marilyn herself,” he noted.

blond it also shows how, soon after, she was asked to sing the famous “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” on Kennedy’s 45th birthday. “I can only imagine how poor Norma must have felt at the patriotic duty to perform for the same man who abused her (I always refer to what I saw in the film), dressed of a figure-hugging dress that has become an icon,” Almodóvar continued.

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The director hopes that, like him, viewers will be impressed by Dominik’s work. “If it had come out a few years ago it would have coincided with the #MeToo movement and it would have been an expression of all of that. Now we’re in a time, I think, where people don’t know where is the It’s a movie that definitely has a moral, but it’s swimming in very ambiguous waters because I don’t think it’s as simple as people want to see it There’s something about it that offends everyone the world,” he wrote.

Earlier, in an interview with Daily screenAlmodovar had called blond “demanding film” and issues a warning: “If the public doesn’t like it, that’s their problem. It’s not made to please everyone.”

In the list there are still names like Adrian Brody (The pianist), Bobby Cannavale (nine unknowns) and Julianne Nicholson (easttown sea). THE netflix recruited the producers of 12 years of slavery and Moonlight, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleinerfor the project, which has brad pitt as co-producer.

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