America The Beautiful Producers Reveals the Challenges of Filming Animals

America beautiful will be available in the catalog Disney+ from July 4, Independence Day United States. Produced by Mark Linfield and Vanessa Berlowitz, the documentary series seeks to show a different side of the country by depicting wildlife and various breathtaking landscapes.

The executive producers, who are also behind EarthFrozen Planet and Disneynature films, spoke with the metropolises and says a little more about the production, the curiosities and the relationship between them, who are married.


“There were three things we wanted to capture in this documentary that are very important to the America. One of them is the little stories, you don’t have to go to Alaska or the Everglade swamps to see cool things. Other challenge was to catch the most iconic animals such as puma, grizzly bear, alligators and give them new personalities, new stories. Third, how to bring the beauty of the great American landscapes to life, because everything is so huge,” says Vanessa.

When it comes to working as a couple, Mark revealed that’s not a problem. “My wife and I have worked together for about 25 years. We find that it works very well, we share the passion and we understand the ambitions of the other. I think it would be very difficult to do what I do if my wife wasn’t working with me, wasn’t in the field with me,” he says.

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“We view the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife of the United States as timeless, but the reality is very different. Its unique geography pushes the forces of nature to extremes, shaping and reshaping the land and posing new challenges for life. We’ll travel through the visually spectacular regions of the United States, from the far south to the California coast, and meet the amazing human caregivers who take care of it all.

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