Anitta’s dress at the BBMA is sold out on the brand’s website

Anitta’s dress at the Billboard Music Awards is sold out. Photo: Grosby Group

Anita arrived at the Billboard Music Awards in a Fendi+Versace dress worth over R$263,000. Along with a powerful neckline, bare back and leg slit served up plenty of glamor on the awards red carpet. The piece is part of the exclusive collection of the partnership between the brands.

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The singer’s influence may have wreaked havoc on the Italian brand’s website. The piece, although priced at the highest, appeared as “sold out” a few hours after the passage of the powerful on stage. Coincidence or not, hard to say.

Along with the dress, the singer completed the look with shoes from Jimmy Choo and Tiffany and Co. The styling was done by Ron Hartleben. The singer has become a star on the pages of VOGUE in different parts of the world. The Mexican version of the magazine saying that it “impacts with the dress, trend of 2022”.

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Anitta celebrates international success. Photo: Grosby Group

The number of photographers calling out the name of Anita on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet guarantees that the singer is a consolidated global artist. She was one of the presenters of the event on the night of this Sunday, May 15.

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The “Envolver” singer spoke to E! Entertainment, which covers celebrities in the United States, and spoke about the special moment in his career. As it is her first time in the performance, the singer thanked the opportunity and celebrated the arrival.

“I feel amazing. Special! It’s my first time here and I’m very happy about it. I’ve been to Billboard Latino, but here it’s different,” he commented.

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After that, she talked about the MET Gala, when she was one of Jeremy Scott’s guests to use one of the MOSCHINO models. Joking about the event, one of the biggest in fashion in the WORLD, the carioca described it as “a humble fashion event (laughs)”. After that, he assured that he was living one of the most special moments of his career.

It’s a great moment in my career, incredible moments are happening. I participate in these events that I never thought I could participate in, but here I am! That’s wonderful!”

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Anita was one of the presenters of the Billboard Music Awards, which took place in the United States on the night of this Sunday, May 15. The singer was talking to Michael Bublé on stage about the languages ​​she can speak. Then he fired off a few sentences in Portuguese and Spanish. Then he reverted to English, the language in which he delivered his introductory speech.

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It all started when Bublé took the stage and said that together they spoke six languages. He therefore invited the singer to set an example for the public.

“It’s clear! A pleasure to present this award with you, Michael! “said the artist, mixing English and Spanish.

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The two continued to play until they presented their category, Top Country Artists of the Year. They even joked that ‘country’ rhythm means country in English.

Bublé said they both imagined they would feature artists from their own countries. Laughing, they announced the nominees and finally the winners.

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