Antin Fund injects 150 million into the Portuguese Power Dot – Empresas

In just three years, Power Dot has become the largest national operator of electric vehicle chargers in Europe and is currently present in Portugal, Spain, France, Poland, Luxembourg and Belgium, where it has a total of five thousand charging stations in service. and set up.

In order to reach the target of 14,000 charging stations by 2025 and to almost double to 27,500 by 2030, in the markets where it operates, the company has come to the attention of Antin Infrastructure Partners, a international “private equity” which has undertaken to invest 150 million euros in Power Point.

“It is an investment round, a capital increase, with Antin injecting 150 million euros, taking a position of co-controller in the company”, explains Luís Santiago Pinto, founder and CEO of Power Dot, without detailing the operation.

This investment represents “one of the major transactions in the sector worldwide and the objective is to make Power Dot the market leader in the sector of chargers for electric vehicles”, specifies the company, in a press release.

A capital increase which, the company guarantees, “will allow Power Dot to continue its national and international expansion, strengthen its team, develop ‘software’ to optimize operations and continue to install free chargers for electric vehicles in all car parks”, planning to double the current team, made up of around 50 workers, in the coming years.

“To help us on this path, we needed an investor with experience in infrastructure and technology and Antin Infrastructure Partners was looking for a solid company that was active in the development of the infrastructure of the future, to invest. Because electric vehicles are increasingly in addition an essential infrastructure for the millions of daily users around the world,” says Luís Santiago Pinto.

With offices in Paris, London, New York, Singapore and Luxembourg, Antin Infrastructure Partners aims to invest in the energy and environment, telecommunications, transport and social infrastructure sectors, with over 22 billion euros under management.

In Portugal, this “private equity” owns Indaqua, the largest private operator of municipal water concessions in our country.

Power Dot recalls that “it appeared on the market with an innovative economic model, since it installs chargers for electric vehicles free of charge in car parks and also guarantees their management and maintenance at no cost to the partner owners of the parks”.

With this economic model, Power Dot “intends to create a charging experience that fits into the lives of users, without the need for motivated trips, since the chargers are installed in places with high traffic and are already part of the usual routine of drivers.”, such as retail spaces, shopping malls, restaurants, gyms, hospitals, hotels or business centers.

“The vast majority of our travel needs occur close to where we live and/or work. In urban centers the % of homes with dedicated parking is relatively low, so with our charging stations and partnerships , users can earn a living and recharge the vehicle every time you stop your car”, emphasizes José Maria Sacadura, founder and executive director of Power Dot for the Portuguese market.

“In each location, an exhaustive market study is always carried out, so the chargers we install are adapted to the average time spent in a location, for a high level of comfort and convenience in the charging experience. solution that generates confidence and therefore the increase in demand for electric vehicles”, defends José Maria Sacadura.

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