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Apex Legends is a free online multiplayer game produced by Spawn Entertainmentthe same developer as the series Titanfalland published by EA Games. The mobile version of the game, initially available for PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), XboxOne, Xbox series X/S and PC (via Origin), arrives May 17 for mobile phones android and iPhone (iOS). Direct competitor of titles such as fortnite and PUBG, the principle of Apex is to put 60 players in an arena that gets smaller over time. The main difference is that, in this game, the characters have special powers and abilities that they must use to survive.

With new features like an exclusive character, independent patch cadence, and no cross-play between platforms, Apex Legends: Mobile aims to be a new experience for players and not just a port to new devices. But has the game succeeded in its proposal? THE Tech Tudo tested the game beforehand and counts the following impressions.

Apex Legends Mobile will be a standalone version of the game seen on consoles and PC — Photo: Disclosure / EA Games

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Apex Legends follows the logic of a classic Battle Royale: players are thrown into an arena and must then fight to be the last to survive. However, the opponents are not the only concern of those who want to win a game. Although large, the game’s maps are surrounded by a ring that shrinks over time, forcing the remaining survivors to go to the same area.

In the game, players must fight to survive in an arena that shrinks over time — Photo: Disclosure/EA

The game offers Battle Royale game modes, where it’s every man for himself, in duos or in trios. It is precisely between teams that Apex Legends shows why it was so successful. The characters, called legends in the game, have unique abilities, which must be combined for a strategy, as in Surveillance. Communication is essential for the tactic to work, as well as for exploring, in the best possible way, what each of the characters offers best.

Each Legend has different skills, which is key when building squads – Photo: Disclosure/EA Games and Respawn Entertainment

Once inside the arena, players must search for weapons, ammo, shields, grenades, or any other type of item they can use to survive. The game also features a progression system, where it is possible to upgrade weapons, buy skins, and unlock more legends with acquired resources. Stake.

the idea of Apex Legends: Mobile is to run as a standalone title rather than a mobile port of the original game. Because of this, the game has already been developed with new platforms in mind, from adapting controls to mobile phone screens to exclusive content. At launch, the game comes with three game modes, plus 9 classic legends and one exclusive.

Apex Legends Mobile comes with 3 main game modes: Battle Royale, Arena and Team Deathmatch — Photo: Disclosure / EA Games

Upon accessing the game, the player will follow a tutorial, where he will learn the Apex system, such as controls, weapons, partner revive, respawn, legend skills, and movement. Once done, he will be able to enjoy three different main modes of the game: Battle Royale, Arena and Team Deathmatch.

While the first two are similar to those already seen in the console and PC title, the third is a mobile-exclusive mode where there’s a PvP dispute between teams of six players and whoever racks up the most kills wins. For each of the modes, different maps are available at launch. In Battle Royale, what happens is World’s Edge. King’s Canyon, so far planned in the game’s launch mode, needed polishing and will be coming to the mode soon. As for arenas, Overflow, King’s Canyon Artillery, Skull City, and Thermal Station are coming with the game.

Fade is the exclusive legend of Apex Legends Mobile — Photo: Reproduction/Luiza M. Martins

Another welcome addition is the inclusion of a legend exclusive to the mobile version of Apex. In addition to Bangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Octane, Mirage, Pathfinder, and Wraith, players can take advantage of Fade and his powerful abilities. With speed boosts while sliding, the ability to retreat to the position he was in 60 yards behind, and also to throw a bomb that prevents others from doing or taking damage, Solace’s super soldier brings new mechanics and integrates well with the other legends in the game.

Apex Legends: Mobile it also offers the possibility of playing with the third person view, in addition to including features to facilitate communication between teams. For now, the game will not have cross-play between platforms and will receive content from seasons with different stories and time periods than seen on consoles. Command compatibility is not ruled out, however, it is not coming at launch.

The game offers the option to play in first or third person — Photo: Reproduction/Luiza M. Martins

Note that the game will be free as on consoles, and will have microtransaction options – fortunately, only for cosmetic purposes or for those who want to speed up the progression with the legends. However, the game will offer daily and weekly challenges to get battle passes and upgrades.

Technical aspects and performance

During our tests, Apex Legends: Mobile It performed well and kept the FPS rate stable even in UltraHD mode. The graphics, by the way, are as good as the console versions: colorful, cartoonish and with detailed textures, considering the limitations of the platforms. In games with bots, the artificial intelligence also proved to be balanced, which is important for training less experienced players.

However, the game’s biggest criticism is the adaptation of the controls to the cellphone screen. On the smartphone on which we performed the tests, a iPhone 12 Pro with a screen of just over 6 inches, there was discomfort and constantly pressing buttons at inconvenient times. This is because the control layout has become close and relatively confusing. The ability to play with a controller, although unconfirmed, would be welcome in the game.

Adapting the controls to the mobile phone screen can be awkward for some players — Photo: Reproduction/Luiza M. Martins

However, this is not enough to spoil the experience with the game, which remains fun, tactical and agile. For Battle Royale fans, it will be a satisfying feeling to explore the game’s universe on the go, especially as the game remains free on mobile devices.

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