Apple may test E Ink’s ‘e-Paper’ for iPhone with folding screen

There are more and more rumors and speculations about the possible first iPhone model with a folding screen. Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple analyst, is moving forward with the possibility that the manufacturer tests its own single-model solutions to be competitive in the bending market.

The expert suggests that the test model will have a screen between 8 and 9 inches. And what tests the E Ink’s EPD display technology i.e. e-paper displays as an outer cover for a foldable smartphone and tablet systems. “The color EPD has the potential to become the mainstream solution for foldable smartphones with a case or second screen, due to its excellent power-saving ability,” says Ming-Chi Kuo, Quoted by Tech Crunch.

There is a lot of speculation about Apple’s plans for its smartphone with a folding screen, one of them being the possibility of working with LG on a 7.5 inch OLED solution. The smartphone was also said to have a QHD+ OLED display, with Samsung being the sole supplier of the displays.

The Cupertino giant can experiment several times until he finds his definitive “form factor”, which may still be a long way off. THE Apple is known for letting technology mature until it presents its solution that makes the differencelike the 5G models that appeared a few years after the Android models.

E Ink’s screen technology saves energy, being considered one of the main reasons for the success of devices like the Kindle, with an autonomy of several weeks of use. However, the technology has failed to gain adoption beyond e-book readers. AE Ink already has color screens and increased its refresh rate. Apple may still have a long way to go before this technology is updated for today’s smartphone needs, even speaking of a secondary external display.

Nevertheless, rumors say that Apple is only aiming for 2025, the launch of its foldable modelso there is still plenty of time for this technology to evolve.

Another analyst, Ross Young, mentioned that the tech company is interested in developing a laptop with a 20-inch foldable screen and 4K resolution or higher, which could be launched in 20252026 or 2027. “This dimension could create a new category for Apple and would result in a true dual product: a laptop with a full keyboard when folded and, when unfolded, as a display that can be used with an external keyboard “.

In the field of patents, documents reveal that Apple’s plans can pass through equipment with a roll-up screen. The description describes a device with a rollable or extendable screen, which folds around an axis, on one side of the frame of the equipment which can take two dimensions. When closed, part of the screen is inside the smartphone. When opened, the screen slides out until it is full. On the contrary, in a foldable device, there is a hinge system that helps the flexible OLED display open or close on its own.

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