Araraquara Confirms Two More Dengue Deaths, Turns 12, Creates Commission to Investigate Severity of Disease | Sao Carlos and Araraquara

Araraquara (SP) confirmed more two deaths from dengue fever in the city’s worst outbreak of the disease, which now has 12 deaths since March.

The latest confirmed deaths are an 82-year-old woman with comorbidities, who died in a private hospital on April 7, and an 83-year-old man, also with comorbidities, who died at his home on April 25. Both cases were being investigated by the Death Verification Service (SVO).

Although it has recorded fewer cases, this year’s dengue outbreak is deadlier than the one that occurred in 2019, when more than 23,000 cases and five deaths were recorded.

Dengue fever cases in Araraquara per year

Source: Municipal Health Service

Faced with the seriousness of the disease, the town hall created this year a Technical Commission for the Investigation of Diseases Related to Arboviruses with the aim of investigating deaths and the most serious cases of dengue fever.

According to physician and acting city health secretary Talitha Martins, the commission should assess why dengue fever is more aggressive and requires more medical care, resulting in more hospitalizations being recorded.

The group will also assess whether dengue deaths this year are linked to other illnesses, such as Covid-19.

“This year we have seen a significant increase in dengue fever cases and also a higher death rate compared to previous years in the city. Most of the people who died this year due to dengue fever were elderly people, with comorbidities, hospitalized in a private network. By improving investigations and knowing more about cases, we will be able to adopt new procedures and take measures aimed at this specific audience,” said Talhita.

Araraquara continues its actions with the Aedes aegpyti mosquito, which transmits dengue — Photo: Tete Viviani/Araraquara City Hall

This Tuesday (17), agents for the fight against endemic diseases of epidemiological surveillance will carry out door-to-door inspections in search of possible breeding sites in the neighborhoods of Vila Xavier, Carmo, São José and Jardim Adalgisa.

There will also be steam in the Jardim Nova Época and smoking in the Jardim Universal.

The agents of epidemiological surveillance to fight against endemic diseases always work in uniform, with a gray shirt and a brown vest, in addition to circulating in official cars. It is important to note the identification of the agent and authorize their entry. In case of doubt, the resident can call the Vectorial Control, by the telephones 3303-3123 and 3303-3124.

The care of people with symptoms is carried out at the Dengue Service Center, which works in the field hospital. The site is open every day, including weekends and public holidays, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The other health facilities in the municipality also take care of suspected cases of dengue fever. The stations are open Monday to Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and the UPAs are open 24 hours a day.

Dengue fever symptoms — Photo: Arte g1

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