Are Instagram stories hidden? Understanding Tool Change

O instagram is testing one of the platform’s main tools, Stories. This is a change in the viewing model, focusing on accounts that have a history of posting a lot of content in this format.

Instagram stories boycotted? Understanding tool change. (Image: Mauricio Souza)

In practice, several users have already started complaining in recent days that stories are starting to be “hidden” from subscribers. Many have asked and recommended to enable notifications so you don’t miss any content or through the “View All” button.

According to instagramthe novelty is in the initial testing phase, which is why it has been applied to a limited number of users. “We currently don’t have any release plans to share, but we will let you know of any updates”said a spokesperson for Meta, the company that owns Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Understanding the Change in Instagram Stories

Changing the format for displaying stories from instagram is already noticeable at the top of the screen, precisely when viewing content published by friends. The traits representing the number of stories posted are compressed, summing up to just three items, regardless of the number of stories posted by that account.


For those who have not understood, the “Show all” button mentioned above, it is precisely at this moment that it appears. It must be activated by anyone who wants to see all hidden stories on this profile. As soon as the visualization is released by the user’s consent, the other “hidden points” will be visible.

On the contrary, those who are not really interested in the other stories can cause frustration for the creator, who may lose the content. The situation is detrimental to content creators, influencers and other public figures who make a living from social media posts.

It should be recalled that this story visualization model was already used by instagram in sponsored content, in which the user must choose between continuing to watch the advertising made by this brand or ignoring the content. Therefore, the mechanism which was previously reserved for commercial content, has now started to be extended to ordinary people.

Complaints about changes

On social networks there are a huge number of complaints about the novelty. Influencers and content creators, for example, say the change may affect Stories view counts and follower engagement, due to posts being hidden from a certain portion of the audience.

Regular users have also posted complaints on Twitter, saying the change hurts the smoothness of the Stories experience, as it takes more taps to see Stories in their entirety. Check out some reports.

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