Arma Reforger: see comparison between Xbox Series S/X and PC versions

The game was announced this week by Bohemia Interactive and is now available for early access

We publish here on Adrenaline on the announcement of Arma Reforge, new game of Bohemia Interactive who has early access on computer (Going through Steam) and Xbox S/X-Series. The game will serve as a preview for the game Weapon 4, which still has no release prediction or details, but it should take a long time to be released, because Reforge It’s just in your early access.

To analyze the graphical differences found in Arma Reforge, chain The bit analyst Nope Youtube makes the traditional comparison placing the versions of computers it’s from Xbox S/X-Series. Check out the comparison video below.

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Check below the resolution of the game on each of the platforms analyzed and the size of the game after installation.

Xbox series X

  • Resolution: Dynamic 2160p (1944p)
  • game size: 18.70 GB

Xbox series S

  • Resolution: Dynamic 1440p (1296p)
  • game size: 8.90 GB


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  • Resolution: 2160p with RTX 3080
  • game size: 12.97 GB

By using the In fusion, new graphics engine revealed by Bohemia Interactive not end of 2021, Arma Reforge no delivery Xbox series S a performance of approx. 40 frames per second em dynamic 1440pwith a graphical configuration similar to low to medium not used computerwhile the Xbox series X offers 4K with the same 40 frames per second average, but underperforming its cheaper sibling in terms of frame rate stability, the graphics settings found on the X-Series look like the High / Ultra To do computer.

The game size after installation is much smaller on Xbox series S, this is due to the lower resolution and the use of assets corresponding to low/medium on PC, unlike X-Series which borders the Ultra and weighs around 10 GB more. As this is an early access game, there are many things that can still improve with development time.

Arma Reforge can be purchased in early access on Xbox series S/X and computer (Going through Steam), there is still no release date for the final version.

Did you like the comparison? intends to acquire Arma Reforge? Share your opinion in the comments!

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