Artificial Intelligence Shows What Classic Cartoon Characters Would Look Like In Real Life

Artificial intelligence has provided a number of very notorious exploits, and some of them are not exactly useful, but very interesting. For example, the technology is used to bring some cartoons to life, both Disney and animations with more bizarre features, like The Simpsons.

If you’ve always been curious about what some cartoon characters would look like in real life, then you’ll surely like the work of a Brazilian digital artist who is having a lot of success on the net with his realistic photos of some of them. them. them.

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The Brazilian is the digital artist responsible for the feat with Artificial Intelligence

Brazilian Hidreley Diao is a Brazilian digital artist who gets thousands of clicks on social media for posting portraits of what various cartoon characters would look like in their real life versions.

He says he is passionate about everything related to digital art and, after discovering that artificial intelligence software is able to create a realistic photographic image of people who do not exist, he started his project which has had such success.

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According to him, it all started with a Photoshop challenge group on Facebook called Desafios Photoshop Brasil. He was one of the administrators of this group and also participated in several challenges, and it was the search for these challenges that introduced him to the Bored Panda site.

He currently has a snack bar but does collaborative English posts for the site. As a result, he ended up gaining notoriety and visibility and his work has already been commented on in major media outlets such as Newsweek, Daily Mail, The Sun and others. Currently, the images have even appeared on US Buzzfeed.

Cartoons come to life

artificial intelligence

The artist revealed that since discovering artificial intelligence, he has challenged himself to do things he never imagined himself doing before. For this, he has a lot of studies and a lot of practice. That’s how he thought of starting to bring certain Disney characters to fruition.

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And with that he already has a lot of familiarity. Hidreley grew up watching a lot of them like The Simpsons, Hanna Barbera cartoons and of course Disney animations which always had a big impact on his life.

“When looking at animation, it is natural to accept the cartoonish proportions of the characters without any problem, after all, we are quite used to this type of line. What if, as in a spell, they become real, of flesh and blood? I tried to bring them into our world through artificial intelligence.

The software he uses the most to create these photos are Photoshop on the computer and 2 other mobile photo editing apps like FaceApp, Gradient and Remini. Each photo he takes is the result of a creation from images found on the internet of faces corresponding to the characters.

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He reveals that he looks in image banks and begins by making a comparison between the eyes. The hardest part, according to the Brazilian artist, is finding an image that matches the character he is currently working on.

To see more of his work, you can follow him on Instagram. click here.

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