Birthday Gift, 10 Years, 10 Instant Gaming Awards

Birthday present ? Many have, but like Instant Gaming’s 10 year celebration, they won’t soon forget it. See stop believing? The advice is to hurry.

So Instant Gaming celebrates 10 years in the digital key industry and BIG discounts on all types of games and platforms: PC, Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo… it’s really interesting. With 10 days and 10 different gifts, the swimming pool price the total is more than 6000€. Players, run hard!

What is Instant Play?

In summary, Instant Gaming is a platform where it has become possible to buy games at a cheaper price online.

So after being created by a group of gaming enthusiasts in 2010, it didn't take long before Instant Gaming conquered first place in European markets for the sale of, for example, Xbox Live Cards.

In fact, this platform offers both convenience and a quick and easy way to access any game, whether on PC, console or nintendo switch and more, from this classic to the latest hot title.

Also in line with the definition of this platform, we can highlight the great added value of being able to browse the entire site without seeing a single advertisement, pop-up and others from third parties other than their own promotions.

10 years of Instant Gaming: how to participate in all these Giveaways?

Firstly, every day since the start of the campaign relates to the specific 10 Year Contest to date, so participation to win a prize must be daily.

Obviously, the most attentive gamers cannot miss the great opportunities: every day, a different prize!

Participation is very simple: just access the site and create an account, then follow the steps indicated for the Giveaway.

Here is a great opportunity to visit and explore this site where you can find digital keys to the most coveted and challenging games of all time.

The keys or codes provided are totally official since they are obtained directly from official retailers:

Above all, the reliability of this platform is ensured by the verification carried out with the official dealer.

Then on the platform you will find good discounts and, above all, very affordable prices for a wide variety of games and for various platforms.

Be that as it may, we have to admit: gifts like these, celebrating 10 years, don't happen every day, we're talking about winning a swimming pool price of €6,000 to be distributed over 10 days. Sufficient visit here.

GIVEAWAY - Dates and rewards from May 20 to 29:

  • May 20 - 1 Nvidia RTX 3080 Graphics Card
  • 21 de Maio - 1 Xiaomi Mi 34" Curved Gaming Monitor
  • May 23 - 1 Samsung SSD 980 PRO 2T hard drive
  • May 24 - 1 Intel Core i9-10900KF 3.70 GHz processor
  • May 25 - 1 custom Game Boy Color
  • May 26 - 1 OLED Switch
  • May 27 - 1 Xbox Series X
  • May 28 - 1 Steam Deck
  • May 29 - 1 digital PS5

Definitely, these are really irresistible offers that are within the reach of any user!

On the other hand, we leave special attention to the last four offers: 1 Switch Oled, 1 Xbox Series X, 1 Steam Deck and a digital PS5… the offers of the last four days will be memorable! It's actually very easy and very attractive.

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