BMW revives the Coupe Sport Leichtbau (CSL) acronym in the form of the M4 Coupe

As expected, BMW even presented the new M4 CSL at the Concorso d’Eleganza in Villa d’Este, with its most imposing look and the acronym we were already missing.

Created with the 1973 BMW 3.0 CSL, the Coupe Sport Leichtbau acronym heralded a more performance-oriented model, with a good weight reduction and with some mechanical tweaks that gave it a few extra horsepower in terms of power. And after we missed the M3 CSL (E46) a lot, the brand presents us today the version of the M4 with this acronym, in full celebration of the 50 years of the BMW M.

The new BMW M4 GTS remains focused on obtaining the best performance on the track, so it includes some aerodynamic adjustments such as the carbon fiber front spoiler and the rear spoiler, integrated into the trunk lid, which offers more support. The grille also has a new design and fewer elements, all also made of carbon fiber with the aim of contributing to the lightening of the whole, such as the bonnet and the trunk lid.

Also on the outside, the darker longitudinal stripes stand out against the new matt gray body tone and are complemented by several red lines, intended to accentuate the sportier appearance of the M4 CSL. At the rear, the four imposing exhaust outlets do not go unnoticed, as their sound is always present with the presence of the titanium exhausts. To complete the look, the crest of this version has the edges in red and the BMW logos commemorate the 50th anniversary of the BMW M. In the front optics, the daytime running lights in yellow, are inspired by the GT models and the rear includes. new LED technology.

Inside, there are two carbon-fiber racing bucket seats, which don’t offer backrest or height adjustment. The rear seat has disappeared and has been replaced by a support for two helmets. At the wheel we have access to several systems for more precise driving on the circuit with all kinds of telemetry information and a stopwatch to record lap times and not even missing the two red buttons on the steering wheel, where we can memorize our preferred settings.

Among them are the ten levels of traction control, specific to this version, more focused on the track and which in the first five can help us draw perfect drift lines. And to ensure maximum efficiency, body stiffness has been optimized and the M’s adaptive suspension, which is standard equipment, leaves the body eight millimeters lower than the M4 Competition.

The engine of the M4 CSL remains the 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder, but it now totals 550 horsepower, 40 more than the Competition versions of the M3 and M4, thanks to a specific mapping for this version. and boost settings. All this power passes exclusively to the wheels of the rear axle using the eight-speed M Steptronic gearbox.

On the performance side, the brand announces an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h in 10.7 seconds. The weight of the set, with all the procedures to lower this value, was 1,625 kilos, which is 100 kilos less than the weight of the M4 Competition CoupĂ©. Production of the BMW M4 CSL is limited to just 1,000 units, all of which will be produced at the Dingolfing plant. But before that, of course, I couldn’t miss a lap on the Nordschleife. And here it is…

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