BOE is set to lose millions of iPhone 14 OLED display orders

It would be a blow for BOE, which derives a large part of its income from its collaboration with the Cupertino company. So what does this mean for Apple fans?

A new report suggests BOE may be on the verge of losing millions of iPhone 14 OLED display orders. Apple, recent reports suggest that the deal for the upcoming iPhone 14 is fragile. It would be a blow for BOE, which derives a large part of its income from its collaboration with the Cupertino company. So what does this mean for Apple fans?

BOE is a famous display manufacturer. The company, Beijing Oriental Electronics, has partnered with Apple to manufacture OLED screens for the iPhone. The company has been behind many OLED screens for iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. It was a strong contender to supply OLED screens for iPhone 14. However, the deal with Apple is about to be finalized. canceled. A new report from the South Korean community The elect reports that the company has yet to receive Apple’s approval for iPhone 14 screens. If that approval doesn’t arrive, BOE will miss out on an order of around 30 million OLED screens for 2022 iPhones .

BOE set to lose millions of iPhone 14 2 OLED display orders
The iPhone 14 series will be the first iPhone in five years to not use the notch design. Well, that’s true for some models in the series, at least. According to a recent report, the price of the iPhone 14 will increase over its predecessor, the iPhone 13.

according to report, the reason behind this is that BOE unilaterally changed the design of the circuit width of the OLED panels of the iPhone 13. Apparently, the change was aimed at increasing the production rate; however, this led to Apple asking BOE to stop production of the panels. Production of the iPhone 13 OLED panels by BOE has been halted since February, and The Elec reports that the display maker has even sent a C-level executive accompanied by a few employees to Apple headquarters. The company tried to explain to Apple the reasons behind the unilateral design changes. BOE is asking Apple to approve the production of OLED panels for the iPhone 14. However, it still hasn’t gotten a clear answer from Apple.

Apple wants to increase the number of companies that supply iPhone 14 screens

Apple has worked hard to reduce its dependence on Samsung LG display and screen. The company wants to increase and diversify the number of suppliers. With many suppliers, the company will have the ability to negotiate better prices. iPhones are selling like hotcakes, so it’s common to see vendors vying for company preference. We may not see this growing competition in 2022. After all, BOE cannot continue to produce the iPhone 13 OLED screens and also does not have approval for the iPhone 14 OLED screens. As a result, we can see the Samsung and LG Display to receive these orders for 30 million panels.

BOE set to lose millions of iPhone 14 3 OLED display orders

This success will certainly hurt BOE, after all, the company has certainly invested in meeting Apple’s demand for OLED displays. In any case, you are likely to find other partners in the future. As for iPhones, Apple will launch four models: iPhone 14, 14 Max, 14 Pro and Pro Max. The big difference is on the iPhone 14 Max. This is basically a larger version with the same size of filter than the Pro Max. However, the specifications will be lower than the Pro variant.


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