BOLA – FC Porto is European champion (Billiards)

FC Porto, with a quartet made up of the Dutchman Dick Jaspers, the Spaniard Daniel Sánchez and the Portuguese Rui Manuel Costa and João Pedro Ferreira, won this Sunday for the second time in its history (after the victory in 2017) the Cup of club Europe. of Carambola (3 tables), winning in a tiebreaker by ‘penalties’ by 14-6, after 2-2 at the table, the Turkish team of FBN Tekstil BSK in the final of the competition, organized by the dragons, Federação Portuguesa de Bilhar (FPB) and World Billiards Union (UMB), which have been held since Tuesday at the FC Porto Billiard Academy, Estádio do Dragão (Porto), and ended on that day.

The ‘Champions do billiard’ final, which brought together 23 teams from 12 countries across the European continent – with Coimbra locals Centro Norton de Matos and Alentejo side Clube de Bilhar Eborense standing in the way of qualifying – FC Porto and FBN Tekstil BSK put on an excellent and moving show, with the 2-2 on the tables leaving the decision for the “penalties” tiebreaker.

At a very high level in this European Club Cup, the Spaniard Daniel Sánchez, European champion and number 2 in the world ranking, started by making 1-0 to the whites and blues, beating the 12th in the UMB hierarchy. , Murat Naci Coklu, by 40-33 in 19 innings.

However, soon after it was 1-1 for the Turks, who in 2016 won the tournament final against FC Porto, and in 2017 they lost the decision to the Dragons. Gokhan Salman, 49th in the standings, overtook João Pedro Ferreira 40-24 (in 23 innings) and made it 1-1 to the Turks.

The confirmation that it was not the most inspired day of the number one and world champion, the Dutchman Dick Jaspers (FC Porto) came shortly after: if he had already lost to Ruben Legazpi his partial in the semi-final , he came back, after an extremely mediocre first with the 7th in the hierarchy, Tayfun Tasdemir, not being in his best form.

Jaspers still recovered from 32-39 with a series of seven caroms until the draw (39-39) without obtaining the 40th, and the Turk did not forgive: 39-40 (in 23 sets) and 1-2 for Tekstil, after very bad luck for Jaspers, who saw four or five accessible caroms lost in the “aisles” (space between the table and the ball to be hit).

With Pinto da Costa in the stands, alongside Vice President Alípio Jorge Fernandes, it all comes down to Rui Manuel Costa, 2020/21 national champion and 43rd in the world rankings, and Lutfi Cenet, 21st in the hierarchy. Under pressure and losing by 32-34, 34-37 and 36-38, the Portuguese, with a series of four, won by 40-38 (in 23 ends), bringing the score to 2-2 and taking the decision of the European title to equalize .

In the “penalties” – ball out for each of the players and number of caroms they gave in the series to count – João Pedro Ferreira and Gokhan Salman drew 1-1.

Lutfi Cenet and Rui ManuelCosta followed: the Turk made it 1-0, the Dragons player equalized 1-1 and passed FC Porto ahead with a second carom (2-1) and fell to seventh: 7-1, already 8-2 for FC Porto in the sum of all tables. Great performance from the FC Porto player [foto de capa]decisive in the final!

Then, Daniel Sánchez got one star, while Murat Naci Cocklu got two: 9-4 against FC Porto, with only Dick Jaspers and Tayfun Tasdemir left at the table. And the world number one widened the gap between FC Porto and the Turks, with five more caroms, up to 14-4. Tasdemir should add ten to tie, at least. He was left behind by the two caroms, 14-6, FC Porto European champions winning the ‘Champions do billiard’ for the second time.

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