BOLA – Liga undertakes to apply the 2019 Law (Liga)

The Minister of Internal Administration, José Luís Carneiro, met the President of La Liga Portugal, Pedro Proença – at the meeting were also present the Secretary of State for Internal Administration, Isabel Oneto, and the Secretary of State to Youth and Sports, João Paulo Correia -, with the aim of discussing the measures to be adopted in terms of security in the places where sports events take place, as well as the fight against sports-related violence.

Finally, in a note to the media, the government welcomed the “willingness expressed by La Liga Portugal to implement the measures introduced in the law in 2019, which was affected by the pandemic period and which must now be implemented” .

Among the commitments assumed by Pedro Proença, some have given rise to discussions.

“According to the law, the security of sports venues and security circles is the responsibility of the organizers of the sports spectacle, and the Security Forces are responsible for monitoring compliance with these rules and guaranteeing public safety. It should be noted that the legislation in force already provides for measures such as: the carrying out, by the organizers and promoters of sports events, of socio-educational prevention actions; the creation, by the organizer of the sports competition, of a computer system for issuing and selling tickets; issue of nominative tickets for access to certain areas of the stadiums; the possibility that the measure banning access to the stadiums be accompanied by the obligation to present the supporter to the authorities; the possibility of applying the ancillary sanction of sporting events behind closed doors or the banning of specific areas; supervision, by the Security Forces, of prevention and security checks at the entrance to the stadiums; the creation of the summary trial to ensure the speed of the processes handled by the Authority for the Prevention and Combating of Violence in Sport (APCVD), whose decision is published on the respective digital page.

“There is consensus on the importance of preventive measures in terms of security in sports venues, namely following up on the recommendations resulting from the inspections carried out on sports venues in 2020 by the Violence in Sport Assessment Group ( GAVD). It is recalled that the legal regime for combating violence in sports events, approved by Law 39/2009 (July 30) and amended in 2019, has allowed the APCVD to increase its effectiveness in the field of administrative offenses in terms of: amount of fines; very short process, the conclusion of which is simple and quick; possibility of applying precautionary measures to prohibit access to the sports site, keep the defendant away from the stadiums pending a final decision on the respective case”, also reinforced the Ministry of Interior Administration, then taking stock of the situation. activity of the Authority for the prevention and fight against violence in sport:

“The APCVD, strictly dedicated to sports affairs, has applied 209 measures banning supporters from sports arenas over the current football season, which corresponds to an increase of 1,045% compared to the 2 banning measures applied on the season preceding the entry into force of the aforementioned legislative amendment (2018/2019). These data relate only to cases decided by the APCVD, to which must be added situations decided in court (applied by the courts).

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