BOLA – Sporting wins and is the first runners-up in the Portuguese Cup (Futsal)

Sporting are the first Portuguese Futsal Cup finalists. Nuno Dias’ team beat Quinta dos Lombos 4-1, in a game dominated by the lions. With a solid entry, always above the opponent, Carvavelos’ side withstood the harassment of Schutt’s goal (one of the best on the pitch) and reached the break only two goals behind with Tomás Paçó and Waltinho making the difference.

Highly organised, with well-defined processes, Quinta dos Lombos were still threatening Guitta’s goal early in the second half, but Pany Varela’s goal dealt a severe blow to the aspirations of the Carvavelos side who, despite the defeat, left an excellent image. at Sines Polyvalent. The lions advance and thus guarantee the first passport to the decisions. Marítimo and Benfica, at 9 p.m., will discuss the other place for the final match scheduled for next Saturday tonight.

Here you can follow all incidents of the match between Quinta dos Lombos and Sporting:

end of game

39′ Alex Merlim tries to score, but Gonçalo Sobral, the forward keeper, pulls back and manages to hold on.

5th foul for Quinta dos Lombos after Murilo’s foul on Cardinal.

38′ Technical break for Sporting.

36′ Quinta dos Lombos scores, 4-1, Willian Carioca scores. And what a goal! A heel from the Brazilian, a pass from Gonçalo Sobral, betraying Guitta. Excellent response from Quinta dos Lombos after Pany’s goal.

35′ Sporting score, 4-0, by Pany Varela. The Portuguese international steals the ball from Willian Carioca in the center of the field and the goal deserted, against the 5×4, Sporting scores again and almost completes the match a few minutes from the end.

34′ Shot alongside Willian Carioca with a lot of danger. Quinta dos Lombos is starting to take risks.

Quinta dos Lombos takes a risk and starts playing 5×4. It’s all or nothing with three goals down.

33′ First yellow card of the match for Gonçalo Sobral (Quinta dos Lombos).

With just over seven minutes to go, Sporting continue to manage the three-goal advantage with efficiency and skill.

30′ Rodriguinho intercepts a bad pass from Tomás Paçó, but fails to beat Guitta, again close to the lions goal.

27′ Giant guitar! A superb shot from Henrique Vicente and the Brazilian, with the left arm, flying and avoiding the goal of Quinta dos Lombos!

25′ Sporting goal, 3-0, from Pany Varela. Fantastic pass from Guitta to Pany who, with a classy reception, threw in a cross for the lions’ third goal.

24′ Rafa appears with space down the right lane and, almost angleless, risks the crossfire but Guitta controls the move.

Third foul against Sporting. Strong entrance to Quinta dos Lombos.

22′ Cavinate with first sign of danger in the final stage. Powerful shot that Schutt launches in the corner.

Part 2 has started


Sporting are seconds away from securing a precious and fair two-goal half-time lead.

19′ Tiaguinho crosses and Milton Dias almost scores.

18′ First technical break requested by Quinta dos Lombos.

14′ Great opportunity for Quinta dos Lombos. Pauleta hesitated and Milton Dias shot hard for a fine Guitta defense. Rodriguinho, reloading, shot!

Play with good intensity, with the power of the lions emerging in the final minutes. Quinta dos Lombos, despite the good defensive organization, experienced some difficulties against the greater acuity of the Leonine team.

12′ Alex Merlim again close to the goal with a cross shot.

12′ Cardinal close to third for the Lions with another understanding move down the right aisle.

ten’ Bomb from Guitta who got on the pitch and shot hard with the ball hitting the post.

9′ Golo do Sporting, 2-0, by Waltinho. Cross shot from the Brazilian, after an excellent assist from Pany, the ball deflects on Rodriguinho and betrays Schutt. More relaxed Lions with a two-goal advantage.

8′ Sporting goal, 1-0, by Tomás Paçó. Excellent movement from Pany Varela who returns Tomás Pacó who shoots hard and crosses for the first goal. After many threats, the lions take advantage on the marker.

6′ Pany Varela shoots iron! Shot with little angle that always hits the bar before exiting to the side.

3′ Kaka almost scores! Quinta dos Lombos, in numerical superiority in attack, ends with a shot in the side mesh. First sign of great danger for the whole Carcavelos.

3′ Sporting enters the game very well, with an offensive dynamic, against an opponent who continues to show defensive solidity, in particular goalkeeper Schutt.

2′ Sporting enters at full speed and Schutt, the goalkeeper of Quinta dos Lombos, appears as one of the figures of the match, since he has already avoided the very dangerous shots of Merlim (2) and Cavinato (1).

1′ Merlin risks the first shot for Schutt’s very tight save.

A ball já rola no Sines Versatile

All prepared for the start of the game in Sines.

The referee team will be composed of: Filipe Duarte (1st referee), Tiago Silva (2nd referee), Maurício Couto (3rd referee) and André Franco (timekeeper).

Check the teams

Quinta dos Lombos: Schutt (GR), Eddy (c), Rodriguinho, Kaka and Henrique Vicente

alternates: Pintas, Rafa, Kaká, Gonçalo Sobral, Willian Carioca, Milton Dias, Tiaguinho, Miguel Conceição and Murilo

Coach:Jorge Monteiro

Jock: Guitta (GR), João Matos (c), Erick Mendonça, Merlin and Cavinato

alternates: Gonçalo Portugal, Tomás Paçó, Cardinal, Pauleta, Pany, Caio Ruiz, Waltinho and Esteban

Coach: Nuno Dias

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