Bosch will invest 100 million and hire 350 more engineers in Portugal this year – Indústria

With the 2021 financial year closed in Portugal with 5,788 workers, including around 900 engineers in the R&D teams, the German Bosch group promises to continue with its foot on the accelerator in hiring highly qualified professionals dedicated to creating solutions for mobility, homes and smart cities, in its factories in Braga, Ovar and Aveiro.

“A bet that materializes in the more than 350 vacancies that we have available for the development centers in the various Bosch units in the country and that we will fill in the current year”, reveals Carlos Ribas, representative of the Bosch group at the Portugal, in a report.

Last year, he pointed out, “about 50 million euros were allocated to the creation of innovative technological solutions” and the registration of “more than 50 patents relating to the results of some of the largest projects in ‘Innovation in Portugal’ was filed, after also signing “new partnerships with Portuguese universities, giving a clear sign that Bosch intends to continue investing in the country”, he underlines.

Result: “Within the global group, Portugal is increasingly a reference, with a clear formula for success: – Invented in Portugal and manufactured in Portugal with Portuguese talent”, emphasizes Javier González Pareja, President of the German group in Portugal and Spain, who will accompany Ribas at the Bosh Portugal results presentation ceremony, scheduled for Tuesday, May 17 in Porto.

In total, “Bosch’s investment in Portugal for this year 2022 should be around 100 million euros”, specifies Carlos Ribas.

“We are talking about a continuous investment to consolidate our activities in the country, whether through the innovation projects that we have developed mainly in partnership with the universities of Minho, Porto and Aveiro, or in the expansion of our units”, explains the same director, emphasizing that “it is this work and the results that we have presented that allow us to continue to attract companies, and therefore to maintain and generate jobs, which makes Bosch one of the largest employers and exporters in the country”.

At the Aveiro thermotechnology unit, an investment of 12 million is planned for the installation of a new production line, which “should start in the first half of 2023 and will create 300 new jobs”.

At the Ovar plant, “the inauguration of the new facilities which will house the R&D teams and will allow the hiring of around fifty new employees by the end of 2022” is being finalized, also planning to carry out “the expansion of the Braga facilities with the construction of two new buildings to increase the R&D capacity and the productive and technological capacity”.

Export of 97% of a turnover of 1.7 billion euros

Bosch closed the 2021 financial year with a turnover of 1.7 billion euros in Portugal, “including sales of non-consolidated companies and internal services to partner companies”, which represents a growth of around 55% compared to the previous year.

“In the local market, Bosch recorded consolidated sales of 346 million euros, 14% above the level of 2020”, underlines the sixth Portuguese exporter, which achieves 97% of its revenues in more than 50 foreign markets .

“After two years with the uncertainties caused by the pandemic and the constraints of the semiconductor shortage situation, we have achieved a positive overall performance, returning to pre-pandemic levels,” said the Bosch Group representative at Portugal.

Regarding the outlook for this year, Carlos Ribas indicates that, “based on the first four months of the year, we expect positive developments in Portugal in 2022”, while noting that “the current international situation requires caution in forecast for the year.

The factories of Aveiro and Ovar recorded “the best results of all time”

In Ovar, a site focused on video surveillance, intrusion and communication technologies, Bosch recorded a 36% increase in sales compared to the previous year, while in Aveiro, which is dedicated to the production of hot water solutions through water heaters, boilers and heating pumps, recorded annual growth of 26%.

Both units recorded “the best results of all time”, assures Bosch Portugal.

The Braga industrial complex, which embodies the field of mobility solutions, “has been strongly affected in the last two years due to the forced shutdowns caused by the pandemic and the scarcity of electronic components on the market”, recorded a drop in 5% compared to the volume of sales recorded in 2020.

“Nevertheless, the company has industrialized and started production of a new radar which will contribute to the increase in internal sales from this year”, indicates the German group.

Carlos Ribas states that “although we still have suppliers with limitations, the shortage problem of semiconductors in the market is no longer comparable to what it was last year”, therefore, “if the situation allows us to comply with this year’s plan, there may be a positive development in sales”.

From Braga, Bosch “is paving the way for the mobility of the future with the development of technologies with a global impact, the result of a strong commitment from the R&D teams who have developed perception and localization sensors, communication systems between vehicles and road infrastructures, vehicle occupant monitoring solutions, mobility applications, among other innovative technologies that are shaping connected and autonomous mobility”, underlines the German group.

The German group has a turnover of 79 billion and employs more than 400,000 people

Also noteworthy is the Bosch “service solutions” unit in Lisbon, dedicated to the provision of services in the areas of customer experience, mobility, monitoring and business processes, which recorded “a growth of 15% , exceeding the volume of activity before the pandemic “.

“This unit continues to grow through the implementation of technology-enabled services, making Lisbon an international center of competence to provide complex elevator support services, multilingual customer experience services and technical support. and expert computing,” emphasizes Bosch.

Finally, the area of ​​consumer goods, which includes household appliances and power tools, saw sales growth of 16% in 2021 compared to the previous year.

Overall, the Bosch Group closed last year with sales of 78.7 billion euros and a workforce of 401,300 people at 128 locations around the world, of which 76,300 are assigned to research and Development.

In the first quarter of 2022, “the company’s turnover increased by 5.2%”, anticipating that in annual terms “sales will increase by more than 6% and will reach an EBIT of between 3% and 4% “.

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