Braga issue statement on David Carmo transfer

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António Salvador, president of Braga, left this Monday some clarification on the transfer of David Carmo to FC Porto, in an agreement that involves the payment of 500 thousand euros to the emblem of Minho for each season in which the emblem of Porto is champion with the player.

In seven points, the club manager underlines that “the inclusion of clauses linked to individual and/or collective performance is a common practice (…) that “the discussion intends to imply that Braga and FC Porto have opened a Pandora’s box, which is indicative of profound ignorance or blatant bad faith”, and that the way in which this discussion was conducted is still “revealing of a sick sporting culture, totally absorbed around three clubs” .

“At no time can Braga accept insinuations about his practices and his interests. Never, in almost 20 years as president, have I let any contract concluded with third parties interfere with coaches and players”, can -we still read.

Check out Braga’s statement in full:

“SC Braga has followed the discussion generated by the inclusion of clauses related to sporting performance in the contract signed with FC Porto in the context of the transfer of David Carmo, understanding that given the existing noise, it is essential to contribute to the debate with contextualized information, which makes it possible to understand the framework of these practices and to anticipate future discussions.

1 – Any careful observer will know that the insertion of clauses linked to individual and/or collective performance has been common practice for many years, both at national level and in the main European championships, without leading to any evidence compromising the integrity of competitions;

2 – It is therefore ridiculous that the discussion intends to imply that SC Braga and FC Porto have opened a Pandora’s box, which is indicative of deep ignorance or blatant bad faith, not even being necessary to leave the year 2022 to find itself, in the Portuguese reality, a contract concluded between clubs classified in the European places which provides, within the framework of the transfer of a player, of the bonuses associated with the qualification of the buying club for the UEFA Champions League;

3 – The manner in which the discussion was conducted is, once again, indicative of an unhealthy sporting culture, totally engrossed around three clubs – does anyone suppose this debate, let’s imagine, in a company celebrated between small and medium clubs? – and unable to promote a constructive debate, which analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of each subject and understands the implications that any decision may have on the competitiveness of Portuguese clubs and our professional football;

4 – Seriously discussing possible conflicts related to sports performance clauses does not only concern lots such as those provided for in the contract concluded as part of the sale of David Carmo, but all operations that generate any future interest for the seller , if it is a competitive competitor of the procuring entity. Understanding the universe of contracts currently in place that would be impossible or limited in the future is essential for informed debates and decisions on this issue;

5 – As such, knowing the scope of this discussion is essential to understand whether such measures constitute an obstacle for national clubs, and particularly for small and medium-sized clubs, which largely benefit from solutions allowing them to compose and enhance market operations essential for its competitiveness and sustainability;

6 – SC Braga is obviously available, as it has always been in the past, to participate in a broad debate and vote in favor of any proposal that contributes to providing our football with regulations that value the integrity of competitions . In fact, our Club is proud to have carried out several processes that over the years have helped to strengthen our football, some of which have even been replicated by major international organizations, such as the loan limitations imposed by FIFA around the world. ;

7 – SC Braga cannot at any time accept insinuations about its practices and interests. Never, in almost 20 years in the presidency, have I allowed a contract concluded with third parties to interfere with coaches and players, like all those who have passed through SC Braga and who have found in this house an absolute and uncompromising commitment to competition and to the maximum responsibility to, in every game, honor the name of this Club, taking the field to win, anywhere and anytime, against anyone.

The president of SC Braga,

Antonio Salvador”

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