Bruno de Carvalho opens his heart to talk about his career and his marriage to Liliana Almeida

Bruno de Carvalho are set to release their six-song debut EP and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. “Reality Isn’t Real”, as the album is called, goes on sale from Friday the 20th.

SELFIE was in conversation with the former president of Sporting and Liliana Almeida’s Boyfriendwho told us all the details of this adventure, and even told us about the wedding plans.

What can your fans expect from this first EP?
You can expect what I have always done in my life, which is a lot of work, a lot of dedication. Music is something that I have always loved very much and the tech has always been my inspiration, despite listening to all kinds of music. What my fans can expect is that I will continue my work as a DJ and now in the production field. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, I started with a remix, last year, “Show Me Love”, and, this year, “Money For Nothing”. The release of this EP is my way of positioning myself in this environment and showing my musical taste in the field of tech.

Did you have the help of a musician/producer?
This is an area where, fortunately, I started with a new family. I have a soul brother, who is DJ Kevu. We worked very closely: he transmitted my songs, my remixes, I passed his. We are a team. And all around us there are great people: Pedro Flame, Milton, Rúben. We are a family and as a family we work together. We grow, we want to walk together, even with our own identities.

What is your inspiration for these themes?
All. I like all kinds of music, classical, Jazz, rock, popular, home, African music, etc. And it helps. There are six songs that cover an interesting palette, in aspects of techno, which I like, because I want the audience to be satisfied and to be able to vibrate.

How have the last few months been?
Wonderful! This year started with my participation in a program. I already had a series of dates scheduled, as a DJ, but participating in “Big Brother Famosos” made sense for me, because I want to embrace, even more, this artistic part of music. I will launch, later this year, my play, “Bardamerda Para o Terrorista”, a play of humor. So it made sense for me to participate. Then something beautiful happened, which was my love for Liliana, and which gave meaning to my life, including my projects. And that’s fine.

And about the wedding, can you reveal any new details?
We are really happy. It is already public that the wedding will take place in September. We are lucky and privileged to experience this love, we are going to get married and we are very happy about it.

Have you made the guest list yet? Can you tell us who some of the guests are?
Our wedding list did not include celebrities and/or anonymous people. He included family and friends. People we love and who love us.

Listen now to an excerpt from one of the six songs that Bruno de Carvalho will release on the 20th.

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