Cartoon spin-off, The Diabolical Boys is aimed at which audience? news channel

Prime Video posted The Boys Presents: Diabolical spin-off series from The Boys, Friday (4). With new stories from the asshole superhero universe, the new production serves comic book fans well, but the cartoon is definitely not for kids.

[Atenção: este texto contém spoilers]

For those who are fans of the live-action series, the animated spin-off may appeal as it features different storylines than those explored in the original. There are eight chapters, each with a drawing style and its own story, so there is no sequence of facts to follow.

the first episode, Laser Baby’s Day Out, is completely silent and shows a Vought scientist attached to an experimental baby who shoots lasers out of his eyes. The gory graphics are obviously present as the seemingly harmless girl rips the heads off of the evil corporation’s security guards.

Then the cartoon introduces all the babies used by Vought who have gained useless powers, like a chested face, testicles that catch fire, and a ghost that just walks through walls and is hungry. The journey turns into revenge by the misfits against their parents for selling them out and abandoning them.

Among other stories that travel into the absurd, two chapters serve to familiarize viewers: I’m Your Pusher (third), which stars Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), and One Plus One Equals Two (eighth), which features Homelander/Captain-Homeland (Antoine Starr) and Black Noir (no voice actor).

In I’m Your Pusher, Billy uses a drug dealer to destroy Vought’s heroes as they are all enjoying some kind of hallucinogen. The target of the leader of the Boys is the Great Spectacular, a super who consumes heroin through the anus. With the drug mixed with an even stronger substance, the “sup” ends up going very mad and kills Ironshell and himself.

In the last episode of the first season, the public will see how the Homelander became a member of the Seven with the help of Noir: killing innocent hostages in a factory and controlling the crisis by posing as a hero for the media – which buy .

THE news channel has already checked out all eight episodes and adds that each chapter is between 12 and 14 minutes long, making it easier for fans to marathon, as they can consume it all in an afternoon.

Amazon’s streaming service bet is to develop new tales from the world of superheroes who are, in fact, villains and assholes, to see how audiences will receive the stories. In addition, producers will still be able to use a thermometer whose plots can be explored more deeply, increasing the possibilities of adaptations for live-action.

In any case, The Boys Presents: Diabolical serves to entertain fans while the third season of the original has yet to arrive. The premiere is scheduled for June 3.

See the list of episodes The Boys Presents: Devilish:

1. Laser Baby’s Day Out
Screenwriters: Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen
Directors: Crystal Chesney-Thompson and Derek Thompson
Animation Style: Inspired by classic American animated shorts

2. An animated short where pissed off supers kill their parents
Screenwriters: Justin Roiland and Ben Bayouth
Director: Parker Simmons
Animation Style: Inspired by the aesthetics of Justin Roiland

3. I am your pusher
Screenwriter: Garth Ennis
Director: Giancarlo Volpe
Animation Style: An homage to the original boys’ comics

4. Boyd in 3D
Screenwriter: Eliot Glazer
Screenplay by: Eliot Glazer and Ilana Glazer
Director: Naz Ghodrati-Azadi
Animation style: Inspired by French comics and animations

5. Best Friends
Screenwriter: Awkwafina
Director: Madeleine Flores
Animation Style: Inspired by classic morning entertainment

6. Nubian vs. Nubian
Screenwriter: Aisha Tyler
Director: Matthieu Bordenave
Animation Style: Anime Inspired

7. John and Sun Hee
Screenwriter: Andy Samberg
Director: Steve Ahn
Animation style: Inspired by Korean dramas and horror movies

8. One plus one equals two
Screenwriter: Simon Racioppa
Directors: Jae Kim and Giancarlo Volpe
Animation style: A dark look at American superhero animations

The Boys is based on the comics created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The series was developed by showrunner and executive producer Eric Kripke. Watch the trailer for The Boys Presents: Diabolical, rated 18+, here.

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