Tesla employees have started receiving emails with the number of days they haven’t worked in person

A Tesla employee reported on a corporate forum for professional use that he had received an automatic communication from the company asking him to justify the number of days he had not been in person on the premises of the Tesla. company in the last month. The situation was reported on Tuesday by an employee … Read more

Pressure to buy a house. Families ask for more, pay higher monthly payments and avoid construction

On average, families borrowed 186,000 euros from banks between January and June this year. According to a study by the ComparaJá portal, they are increasingly asking for the maximum allowed, 90% of the valuation of the property. The impact is felt in the amount to be paid each month in new contracts, now at 575 … Read more

Mercadona opens a supermarket in Setúbal – C Studio

THE mercadona today opens the first store in the city of Setúbal. Located at number 1 Avenida Mestre Lima de Freitas, this supermarket represents an important step in the company’s expansion plan, as it was the first to open outside the North region, where Mercadona had, until there, all its supermarkets, distributed in the districts. … Read more

Hydrogen challenges oil and gas as a local energy source

Hydrogen is gaining its place in the world of renewable energies. Regional developments such as Hydrogen Valleys and Hydrogen Islands serve as a model for larger ecosystems to locally produce and consume this versatile fuel. The northern region of the Netherlands was once a premier gas production site. One of the largest gas fields in … Read more