A new test increases the chances of detecting breast cancer

Lawyer Vanessa Alencar during a consultation with Karolline Abreu Vilela: “Huge progress”, underlines the mastologist | Photo: Leon Iglesias Early diagnosis is considered one of the main allies in curing breast cancer. And to further strengthen the treatment, a new type of test has been carried out to detect the disease with greater precision and … Read more

Parkinson’s disease affects more adults under 50 – 7/11/2022 – Equilibrium

Although commonly associated with the elderly, approximately 10% to 20% of cases of Parkinson’s disease occur in people around 50 or even younger. So-called early-onset Parkinson’s disease is already well known in the medical literature, but the topic rose to prominence after journalist Renata Capucci, 49, told the public that she had the disease and … Read more

10 healthy recipes with kefir to boost your diet

With a wide variety of bioactive compounds, regular consumption of kefir helps reduce intestinal issues. Increasingly present in the dietary routine of those looking for the benefits of organic, kefir is a probiotic drink known for its antibacterial properties e bioactive compounds. They contribute to the reduction of many intestinal problems – such as diarrhea … Read more

The importance of vaccination and types of vaccines

Vaccination is the most effective way to fight preventable diseases, thus generating immunity in the individual. Vaccines are biological products intended to elicit a protective immune response in animals against pathogenic microorganisms and invaders such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa, which can cause animal death. animal repeatedly. Vaccination is of paramount importance for the … Read more

Recreational use of lidocaine can cause drop in blood pressure and seizures – #Jornal da USP

The substance, normally used as a medical and dental topical anesthetic and in the control of arrhythmias, has gained supporters for recreational use. USP Live Journal: Medicine Pharmaceutical pill #108: Recreational use of lidocaine can cause drops in blood pressure and seizures Read the episode Pause episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 seconds 1 time Fast … Read more

City Hall of Sao Goncalo

The municipality invites the population to take the vaccine The Municipal Department of Health and Civil Defense of São Gonçalo vaccinates the entire population over 6 months against influenza, Monday to Friday, in 72 health units, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Saturdays, the immunizing agent is applied at the Gonçalense do Mutondo and … Read more

Friends like to be contacted more than you think

People consistently underestimate how much others in their social circle might appreciate an unexpected phone call, social media text message, or email just to say hello, and the more surprising the connection, the greater the appreciation is high, according to a survey. published appeal to the American Psychological Association na revista Journal of Personality and … Read more

How to exfoliate the scalp

To have strong, shiny and healthy hair, the scalp is the main key. Of course, caring for hair strands with hydration, nutrition, wetting is important, but by keeping your scalp in shape, you can create an ideal environment for healthy hair growth. You’ve probably heard of the benefits of exfoliate the face, but this treatment … Read more