Changing the origin of ‘Ms. Wonder’? Understand the POLITICS!

Unlike his other productions, which generally create a infatuation even for the trailer release, the first trailer of M/s. wonder came to the Internet by surprise and quickly divided fan opinions.

Despite many elements taken directly from the comics, especially regarding the young woman’s support core, Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), the trailer confirmed a long-standing fan fear of a major change in one of the character’s most defining aspects: his powers.

Created in August 2013, Kamala was conceived as a New Jersey tween who loved to do fanficswas a superhero fanatic and suffered intimidation, mainly due to his Pakistani origin. These aspects made her a real hit with the youth of the time and she only gained more fans as she developed her superhero journey.

In the comics, she gains her powers after coming into contact with a Terrigen Mist, a smoke released by terrigen crystals that does not affect people who do not have the Inhuman Gene. In the case of Kamala, who had genes inhuman asleep, she gained the ability to stretch her body and completely alter her appearance. Frightened, she ends up taking on the appearance of her favorite superhero, the captain marveland thus begins his life in the world of heroes.

Over time, she gets to know and interact with her idols, but even though she is capable of fantastic things, the girl continues with the normal insecurities of age. At this point, the bodily changes and all the quirks the body goes through at this age are represented in the very powers of the body. M/s. wonder. One of the most interesting things about the character in the comics is how his journey of acceptance as a superhero and as a person go hand in hand, creating some amazing analogies. Is it weird seeing Kamala with those big hands? Yeah, but that’s okay. Growing up is weird. It’s a party.

In the series, however, his body-expanding and body-transforming powers seem to have been left out. The rumor that Kamala would have new abilities emerged in 2021, when production manager, Bilal Fallahshared the first concept art of the protagonist, which showed her in her uniform and her fist surrounded by some sort of purple energy.

At the time, which coincided with the announcements of the new The Fantastic Fourfans speculated that such a change would be to avoid confusion with Reed Richardsthe Mr. Fantastic, which has elastic powers as one of its trademarks. But how much sense would that make? Because having characters with similar powers has never been a problem in mcu. Otherwise, the War machine (Don Cheadle), The winter soldier (Sebastian Stan) and The Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman) should never appear in movies and series.

From what the trailer indicates, his powers will now come from bracelets that expel purple energy capable of creating impact weapons, more or less like the ring of the The Green Lantern. It is not yet known if the Inhuman origin of the character will be maintained, because the characters have even been introduced in the mcu at a time when the x-men looked like a distant dream. To make matters worse, the series inhuman was such a failure that it is no longer part of the canon of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In other words, it is possible that this change of powers is linked to a possible erasure of the franchise from this universe. On the other hand, it could be that they maintain the character’s Inhuman origin and simply use this first season as an acceptance test for Kamala. In this way, perhaps they justify this bracelet as a channeler of powers inhuman of the character, a family legacy to control her abilities until she knows how to fully utilize her new powers. It’s possible.

Thing is, that first impression left by the trailer wasn’t exactly positive for everyone. Not only because the powers, a major part of his personality, have apparently been altered, but also because of the show’s atmosphere, which seems to be trying to replicate that beat-up plot from an 80s teen movie, like revenge of the nerds.

This is because another important part of the character in the comics is their portrayal. Its Pakistani origin and traditions are an integral part of Kamala Khanwhich is more targeted by intimidation by prejudice than by their adolescent tastes. In the trailer, he seems to be the butt of jokes for being a nerd, for wearing hero shirts. Despite being funny, it got fans worried. It will be a shot in the foot if they trade the difficulty of acceptance due to prejudice for simple bullying by “nerds”. There are also concerns that the character’s religiosity isn’t treated with respect, almost functioning as an obstacle to the character’s journey. Kamala Khan on the Series.

Anyway, for now, this is just speculation. So worth the wait June 8, 2022when the series will start airing on Disney+.

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