Cinemas have a week full of premieres, with 10 releases in SP; know what they are – 05/18/2022 – Cinema

Man’s Best Friend is a great motto for works that want to gain a lot of viewers right away. This is the case of “Dog – The Adventure of a Lifetime”, which is released in theaters this Thursday 19, in which Channing Tatum shares the limelight with a restless Belgian Shepherd.

Here the bomb “Magic Mike” directs the film in which lives an ex-soldier who must take his dog to the funeral of a sergeant. On this journey, he faces the fury of the animal, but he also slowly enjoys its company.

Zac efron is another eye candy returning to the big screen with “Flames of Vengeance,” playing the father of a girl who, if disturbed, can set everything on fire. If the adolescent’s anger resembles that of “Carry”don’t be surprised — this is an adaptation of another book by Stephen Kingwhich has already given a previous theatrical production, still in the 1980s.

Another tense debut is Thai horror “The Medium,” which is in no way inferior to Hollywood productions by depicting possessions and macabre ritualism in a film that mimics the documentary style.

But the week is also filled with less storied films. This is the case of the national comedy “O Pai da Rita” —a comedy in which Ailton Graça and Wilson Rabelo play two samba musicians, friends and rivals—, “A Felicidade das Coisas” —about the emotional and financial crisis of ‘a 40-year-old woman—, “Quatro Amigas Numa Fria”—a comedy that follows a disastrous journey through Bariloche—and the French “Extraordinary Spirits”—in which a physically handicapped man takes a bath in self-knowledge .

Finally, there are also the releases of “Pureza”, “If I Tell, Do You Listen?” and “Miss France”. Check out the week’s top ten below.

flames of vengeance
In this remake of a little-known 1984 film, which in turn adapts a less prestigious Stephen King novel, Zac Efron plays a young man experimenting with a hallucinogenic drug called lot 6. Contact with the compound eventually gives him powers. specials and his wives – but she’s the couple’s daughter who ends up transforming the most, able to burn things down and set the playground on fire, literally. Therefore, an evil organization called Workshop wants to capture the girl and study her skills.
USA, 2022. Directed by: Keith Thomas. Starring: Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Sydney Lemon. 16 years old

Dog – The adventure of a lifetime
Channing Tatum, the handsome actor from “Magic Mike”, directs and stars in this film, in which his biggest on-screen partner is a Belgian Shepherd. The ex-soldier, to get a new job, will have to take the dog to a sergeant’s wake. But she won’t be so calm until he knows how to live, talk and be friends with the animal.
USA, 2022. Directed by: Reid Carolin and Channing Tatum. Starring: Channing Tatum, Ethan Suplee, Kevin Nash. 14 years old

The happiness of things
This new work from producer Filmes de Plástico follows the crisis of Paula, a 40-year-old woman who sees her dreams gradually crumble due to financial problems, which combine with family complications and lead to a confrontation of expectations and frustrations. in his life.
Brazil, 2021. Director: Thais Fujinaga. With: Magali Biff, Patricia Saravy and Lavinia Castelari. 12 years

The way
In addition to award-winning films at major festivals, Thailand also has a remarkable front for horror productions. This is the case of this feature film, which comes in imitation of a simple documentary about a medium in a country village. In a complicated game between ancestral customs, gods and modernity, history slowly turns into a mystical and violent party.
Thailand, 2021. Directed by: Banjong Pisanthanakun. Cast: Nalya Gulmongkolpech, Sawanee Utoomma and Sirani Yankittikan. 16 years old

extraordinary minds
A man ends up causing a slight accident with another who has a physical disability, played by Alexandre Jollien. This meeting, however, takes on other proportions when the latter insists on going with him on a trip to the south of France. In this, the two will put aside their differences and create a solid friendship.
France/Sweden, 2020. Director: Bernard Campan. With: Alexandre Jollien, Bernard Campan and Marilyne Canto. 14 years old

Miss France
Alex dreams of winning Miss France. But there’s only one obstacle: she’s a young trans woman. What in childhood was a reference that helped you discover your gender identity will become the great goal of your adult life.
France, 2020. Director: Ruben Alves. With: Isabelle Nanty, Pascale Arbillot and Thibault de Montalembert. 14 years old

Rita’s father
Joel Zito Araújo’s new film blends drama and comedy to tell the story of Pudim (Ailton Graça) and Roque (Wilson Rabelo), two old-school Vai-Vai composers who share everything. Until the day when Pudim has a heart attack and meets Ritinha, the daughter of a dancer with whom he was in love. He begins to think he is the girl’s father, but discovers that Roque has also started a romance with the girl’s mother in the past.
Brazil, 2021. Directed by: Joel Zito Araujo. With: Ailton Graça, Paulo Betti and Wilson Rabelo. 16 years old

Dira Paes takes on the title role to tell the true story of a mother in search of her son, who disappeared after leaving for mining in the Amazon. She agrees to work as a cook on a farm, but is faced with a system in which many work in slave molds.
Brazil, 2022. Directed by: Renato Barbieri. Cast: Dira Paes, Flavio Bauraqui and Matheus Abreu. 14 years old

Four girlfriends in cold
Four friends travel to Bariloche, trying to forget the responsibilities and demands of everyday life. But, in Argentina, nothing seems to be going well for them, trapped in this freezing journey.
Brazil, 2018. Director: Roberto Santucci. With: Fernanda Paes Leme, Maria Flor and Micheli Machado. 12 years

If I say it, will you listen?
The documentary deals with the stories of eight girl victims of sexual violence with audio recordings made in the 1990s. Coming from poor, migrant and peasant families, these same women are today interviewed and tell of the difficulties in surviving.
Brazil, 2022. Director: Renata M. Coimbra. With: Carla Marques, Cristiane de Jesus and Edineia de Oliveira. 16 years old

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