Controversy in the final with “a lot of dirty laundry”

The grand finale of the third season of “Married at First Sight” has already been taped. Seven couples have gone through this edition, but only three make it to the last day of the social experiment.

This third season of “Married at first sight” has been marked by very controversial moments between the couples. One of the most talked about was the betrayal of Tiago Jaqueta on his honeymoon with his wife, Dina Guedes. The competitor from Sesimbra fell in love with a Russian citizen, who was staying in the same resort, in Cape Verde.

After an early departure from Tiago and Dina Guedes jacket and Laura Quintas and Luis Francothe production ofMarried at first sightput two other couples on the show: Cristina and Luís Filipe and Inês and Bruno. However, it only took a few weeks of living together for only three couples to reach the grand finale.

The last episode has already been recorded and of the three finalists only Ruth and Bruno and Inês and Bruno renewed their vows. Along the way, they were also Doina and Uicãa and Dulce and João — this last couple decided not to renew their vows in the last episode.

Bruno and Ruth’s vow renewal ceremony took place on May 11 at Lagoa de Albufeira, in Sesimbra. “The ceremony was very romantic. They can no longer disguise themselves and are truly in love. He is very devoted to marriage.reveals a friend of the couple to the magazine ‘Tv 7 Dias’.

Dulce and João were one of the most talked about couples in this edition of “Married at first sight“. The Chaves contestant’s laid-back form won viewers over, but not his fiancee’s heart. During the renovation ceremony, the couple decided to go for the opposite. “Dulce struggled week after week to get to know João and extract love and affection from him, but he was always moody and unavailable for love.a. It seemed like he was still stuck in the past and with all the problems he had as a child, it seems like he can’t surrender and love,” says a person who has followed the couple closely. .

According to the same source, the end of the relationship was long overdue. “During the vow renewal ceremony, she made a point of emphasizing that she wanted to be his friend and get to know him better, but he always kept the same attitude”he admits.

“Dulce was very sad that even a friendship couldn’t take the program away. She was really committed and believed she was really going to come out of this experience with a husband or partner.concludes.

Another couple who complete the Married at First Sight program together are Inês and Bruno. The renewal of vows ceremony took place at the Marquês de Pombal Palace, in Oeiras. “During the final shoot, it was obvious that this was yet another perfect match. They admit how they feel about each other and admit they have a lot of plans for the future.says the same source.

The recordings of “Married at first sightended on May 13. The last dinner was intended to bring together all the participants of this edition, but Dina Guedes was the great absentee of the evening. Tiago Jaqueta’s fiancée did not want to expose herself again. “Dina was the only one not present at the last ceremony. She received medical advice from a psychologist advising her not to go.reveals a source linked to SIC.

“That’s the only way she didn’t break her contract. With the role of the doctor, she was not obliged to be present at the recordings”adds to the magazine.

The end of “Married at First Sight” promises a lot of controversy. “It was a tense ceremony for everyone. The atmosphere was on fire and there was a lot of dirty laundry washing”ends.

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