Covid-19: the DGS updates the rules for the use of spas and dental practices

Users of thermal establishments over the age of 10 must wear masks in all areas, and they can only remove them when they are in the consulting room or during treatment, according to a standard from the General Directorate of Health ( DGS).

The DGS updated the standard today “Covid-19: Hot springs”taking into account the current epidemic phase of covid-19, with the aim of defining the procedures to be adopted in the operation of thermal establishments, ensuring that this directive can be revised at any time, according to scientific knowledge and evolution of the epidemiological situation.

In the standard, the DGS recommends the use of “personal protective equipment (PPE), such as surgical masks or FFP2, for anyone over the age of 10”.

“The mask must be used throughout the thermal establishment, including in the waiting room or reception, and can only be removed when the user is in the consulting room and during thermal treatments, if necessary. “, specifies the DGS.

The rule also specifies that thermal establishments must give priority to “pre-booking consultations and remote thermal treatments, by organizing schedules and adapted circuits in order to prevent users from being grouped together in common areas such as the reception, waiting room, rest rooms or changing rooms”, as well as ensuring “adequate ventilation of all spaces, favoring natural ventilation”.

All spa practitioners must be informed of the rules of conduct in the space and the measures to prevent and control the transmission of COVID-19and this information must be displayed in places easily visible to users, including at the entrance to thermal establishments.

“All spa establishments must ensure that the necessary conditions exist to adopt the recommended preventive measures”, such as sanitary facilities with water, liquid soap with a dispenser and single-use paper towels, to promote good hand hygiene.

The Directorate General of Health also updated the standard “Covid-19: Procedures in clinics, practices or oral health services for primary health care, the social and private sector” on Thursday.

Also in this case, the DGS specifies that “the mask must be used in the reception area, the waiting room and in the circulation areas, being removed only when the user is in the office of consultation and that instructions are given to do so”.

“Before proceeding to the consultation, a preliminary screening must be carried out, so that the user is evaluated for the presence of symptoms suggestive of covid-19”, he recommends, adding that the user must be asked if there are no symptoms suggestive of an acute respiratory illness, with cough, fever or difficulty in breathing.

The user should also be asked if they have ever been diagnosed with covid-19. If so, ask if you are still in self-isolation.

The DGS also recommends that “as far as possible” the appointment be made in advance, remotely, to minimize the number and permanence of patients in the waiting room, as well as to promote the frequent renewal of the air in the waiting room, through the opening of windows and doors (except the doors of the consultation offices, which must be kept closed) or by using extractor air conditioners, which have been cleaned and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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