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Covid-19: from nail cracks to skin lesions, Ômicron’s lesser-known symptoms

Around 522 million cases of Covid-19 have already been recorded worldwide during the pandemic. And, in the same way that new variants of the virus have appeared over these more than two years, the typical symptoms of the disease have also changed: at the onset, fever, cough and loss or alteration of smell or taste. were the main indications. Now, new guidelines include sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, and headache.

But there are a more obscure set of symptoms that have also been reported by Covid-19 patients, such as skin lesions, hearing loss and hair loss. The cause of these symptoms is still unknown, but it is known that they are all related to inflammatory processes – a natural defense mechanism of our body against pathogens. Below we explain each of them.

skin lesions

According to a British study published last year, one in five Covid-19 patients only have a rash and no other symptoms. Rashes can range from generalized maculopapular (flat or raised areas of discolored skin) to hives (raised itchy areas of skin).

The disease can also attack the toes, with red, swollen, or blistered skin lesions. This symptom is most often seen in teenagers or young adults with mild or no symptoms, according to the study. Most of the skin lesions caused by Covid tend to disappear in a few days or, at most, in a few weeks, without requiring specialized treatment.

nail injuries

It is estimated that 1% to 2% of Covid patients have fingernail or toenail injuries after illness. This type of symptom can manifest itself in three ways: Beau’s lines (“wrinkles” that occur at the base of the nails or toenails when there is a temporary interruption in nail growth due to physical stress on the body) ; Mees’ lines (white horizontal lines appearing on the nails, possibly caused by abnormal protein production in underlying cells); or a red crescent pattern that develops at the base of the nails.

Hair loss

In a study of nearly 6,000 people, hair loss was the most common post-Covid symptom, reported in 48% of cases. It was particularly prevalent among people with severe Covid and white women. The onset of this symptom usually occurs a month or more after the acute infection. The good news is that over time your hair will return to normal.

Hearing loss and tinnitus

Scientists have found that Covid-19, like other viral infections, is associated with possible damage to the inner ear that leads to hearing loss or a constant feeling of tinnitus sometimes after infection. In a review study that included 560 participants, hearing loss occurred in 3.1% of Covid patients, while tinnitus occurred in 4.5%. While for the vast majority of patients this resolves on its own, cases of permanent deafness linked to Covid have been reported.

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